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Friday, October 14, 2005

General TV Speculations

Another general post because I'm busy this week.

First, my DH and I have been wondering where Monster and Backup are. (Monster is the dog on Threshold; Backup is the dog on Veronica Mars.) His theory is that they're off playing poker together. With Nimrod the lizard (from Surface). Heh. If that's true, I'd bet on Nimrod--he has magical powers, after all.

Veronica Mars Comments/Squeeing/Speculation
1. Much Wallace love! His pudding cups, "lunch buddies with privileges," and Colin Firth. Major fangirl squee!

2. Duncan "potato boy" actually had a funny comment: "She touched his glove." Heh. Much squeeing over Pride and Prejudice in general.

3. Logan and Duncan fight! Finally! And Logan shows some emotion. What a great actor--Logan's scary and snarky, yet you can't help but love him. (And neither can VM, I don't think--someone noticed on TwoP's forum that she's using some of his jokes from last season. I don't think she can let him go.)

4. "Haaron" (Harry Hamlin/Aaron Ecchols) might be a red herring (or "Haaring") at this point. Remember, we have a full season to go before we find out who sent the bus over the cliff. (And I didn't suspect Haaron last season until the "That's Amore" scene. *shudder*)

5. Big Dick is eeeeevil! His "Oh Son" comment was devastating. (Gotta love any businessman who has a helicopter waiting, just in case.) Poor Beaver. I'm worried he's becoming too sympathetic, which would mean he'd have to die. *sigh*

6. Much props for Charisma Carpenter for being snarky and bitchy, yet managing NOT to be Cordelia.

7. Did Beaver actually say "Ho-yay"? And Little Dick's shirt said "I have candy." I love this show.

Lost Comments
1. Interesting that Walt's face was on the milk carton that Hurley was drinking his dream. Does this mean that Dream-Hurley knows about Walt being gone? Or what?

2. I really want to know what Walt was saying to Shannon in the jungle, when she was hallucinating. I've heard two theories: "DON'T push the button; the button is bad," or "PUSH the button; NO button is bad." Kinda makes a difference, considering how the Lostaways are now professional button pushers. Heh.

Night Stalker Comments
This week's episode was the best so far, though still not quite good. This show really, really, REALLY wants to be the X-Files. Right down to the music. Too bad I still don't like ST as Kolchak.

Threshold Comments
Wahoo, new episode tonight! This is old news, but...did you all know that ETHAN, the scary dude who kidnapped Claire on Lost, is on this show? And guess what...he plays a scary dude who's been genetically altered by the aliens, and who now has superpowers! AUGH! Ethan is scary!


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