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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lost Speculation!

Someone's Lost speculation, shamelessly stolen from here. (I think it's probably pretty valid, since the writers have said everything on the island will have a scientific, rather than supernatural, explanation.)

4Hz 8Hz 15Hz 16Hz 23Hz 42Hz

"6 frequencies combined to form an electromagtic wave repeated for the purpose of altering or controlling organisms - including animals (we form and function via electrical pulses). EMF can cause various symptoms, such as metamorphesis, hearing voices, and hallucinations, AND have healing effects at the low-end frequencies mentioned above (Locke). Each frequency has a different effect - or affects us in a different way. Entering the numbers in the computer is programming the frequencies of the wave that the conductor transmits (programming the desired types of effect). If the countdown reaches 0 the cycle will be broken and the subjects will at least temporarily be free of the effects contaminating the research data, ending the experiment. This explains the difficulties getting comm and why the French lady's transmission was never picked up by anyone. I think it will also end up as the cause for all these planes crashing there - it's like trying to use a compass while standing under power lines. It might also explain why the plane mysteriously broke in half."

Also, someone at TwoP predicted that this season's finale will probably be a shot of the counter reaching 0--cue theme music, cue credits. Heh.


Blogger John said...

Another bit of speculation re: Lost. Apparently, the numbers, if you jigger them right, are coordinates for where the island is in the world.

And yeah, eventually the clock is going to go to zero. Jack and Locke's argument over pushing the button is a prelude to a season finale "what the hell" moment.

My guess is the lostaways let the clock run out as a final solution after mad-chief Sawyer leads the Tailaways in a bloody attack on the lostaway camp. The surviving lostaways hunker in the bunker and let the clock run out as a last ditch resort to maybe stop the savage tailaways.

And then, as they say in writing class, something else happens.

10/07/2005 8:47 AM  

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