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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TV Review: Lost (or, Sheila enjoys the pretty)

(General review of seasons 1 and 2; CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Ahhh, Wednesday. The night my two favorite shows are on: Lost and Veronica Mars. (See previous post for VM love and squee-age.)

One thing about Lost that I don't understand is all the hate. If you read any Lost forum or blog, usually more than half the posts are very negative. If you don't like the show...then don't watch it! Yes, there are moments when it annoys me too (let's torture Sawyer! let's watch Kate be bland!), but I love all the theories and strange characters and mysterious happenings on the island (if it is an island). So, here's my list of reasons to love Lost:

1. Sayid. Is there a prettier piece of eye-candy on TV? Plus, he can build anything out of anything. And fix wounds with gun powder!
2. The numbers. Where did they come from? Why do they keep showing up?
3. Walt has magical powers! Hopefully we'll get to see more of what Walt can do this season.
4. Locke is my master. Although he'll always be Peter Watts to me, I love Terry O'Quinn's acting. Locke is the most intriguing, mysterious character on the show. And if I were a Lostaway, I'd follow him down the hatch.
5. Emilie de Ravin. Her luminous skin and eyes deserve an award.
6. Dude, polar bears.
7. The Others, Danielle, Ethan, drug smugglers, and Desmond. Uh, you guys aren't alone on the island. And the others on the island ain't right in the head.
8. The speculation. I love cruising the message boards on Thursdays to see what I missed, and chatting in the lunchroom with my coworkers. Sometimes the discussions are more fun that watching the episodes.
9. The scenery and people are so pretty in high-def.


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