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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

TV Review: Supernatural (or, Sheila is confused by the pretty)

This puzzling show is on the WB, so keep that in mind. It's yet another show this season that's not quite bad, but it's definitely not good. However, there are things that keep me watching.

First, here are the good things about Supernatural:
1. The pretty. In high-def it's just gorgeous. They use amazing camera filters that make everything look silvery and detailed. Oh, and the brothers are hot.
2. Sibling interaction. I love when the brothers smack each other, call each other names, and generally act like morons. Very authentic.
3. I enjoy the urban legends and mythology of the show (in fact, I'm pretty much a sucker for anything supernatural, so they had me at hello). The writers did their research.

Less-than-stellar aspects:
1. Jumbled plots. Last night's--about the skinwalker--was the most confusing so far.
2. There are too many "WB" moments--you know, where the brothers confess their innermost feelings and darkest fears. *yawn*
3. Plot points: where do they get their money, since neither has a job? (They buy gas, stay in hotels, even buy plane tickets.) How do they hear about these cases each week? Do they stop at libraries along the road to do research? How do they avoid having a criminal record, when almost every week one or both is arrested, accused of murder, beats up cops, etc.? And oh yeah--AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKING FOR YOUR FATHER?

My DH thinks that the brothers look like every other male actor on the WB. We wonder if there's a WB lab somewhere, breeding them? (Requirements: artfully tousled hair. Brooding eyes. Strong chin. Dark past. Sensitive but always manly.)


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