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Friday, October 21, 2005

What Makes Good TV? Plus General TV Gab

Put Down That Book
I realized this week that, though there are many TV shows that I record and watch each week, there are only 6 that I actually look forward to. These are the shows that I think about during the week, remember when they're on, and usually actually watch live:
1. Lost
2. Veronica Mars
3. Medium
4. House (come on, Fox--we want new episodes!)
5. The Simpsons (ditto, Fox--stoopid baseball!)
6. America's Next Top Model *blush*

I always watch TV with a book nearby. (In fact, I do most things with a book nearby. I get nervous if I don't have a book readily available. Really.) The sign of a good show or movie is one where I don't get the urge to pick up the book. (For the record, I've never made it through a Sci-Fi channel original movie without reading--and I've "seen" a lot of them. Heh.) Another show that may make this list soon is Threshold. We'll see.

The First New Show of the Season to Be Dumped from My DVR's "Record" List:
The Ghost Whisperer.
Not even Sean Maher could stop me from fast-forwarding last week's episode.
Bland, smaltzey, bleh.

What Am I Currently Reading Anyway?
I'm trying to reread Gabaldon's The Fiery Cross before I start the new book in the series. It's a slow read, though. It's 1,443 small-print pages long!

I'm also reading Midnight Moon by Dorothy Lyons, which I just got from Abe Books after years of looking for an affordable copy. Speaking of which, I'll pay huge amounts of money to anyone who can find me a copy of Lyon's Silver Birch or Copper Khan. Well, not huge amounts--under $30. Yeah, I'm cheap, and I'm not gonna pay the Ebay going-rate for these books (over $120, usually). These are a series of novels about a girl and her horses from the '40s.

General TV Gab for This Week
Lost: Not much happened this week, but I was creeped. out. by. the. legs. in. the. jungle. Oh Lordy that was freaky. I thought it looked like one of the Others had a knife strapped to his/her foot, but then I read how they changed the camera filter for this shot, so maybe it was just a leaf that was reflected strangely? Did anyone else notice this?

And did anyone else think of the Lost Boys when they saw that person/child dragging the bedraggled teddy bear around? (Er, Peter Pan, I mean--not the '80s vampire movie.)

I really like Libby, and loved when she said, "We have...*pause* issues." No, really? Oh, and Mr. Eko is my TV boyfriend. Er, and still Sayid too, of course. If I were on the island, I'd want to form a base camp with Sayid, Eko, Locke, and Sun. They're the useful ones. One funny comment from the TwoP forum: "Why did the tailaways think Jin could play hockey?" HAHAHA!

Veronica Mars: Oooh, Meg has a secret! And what's up with Weevil's story about the Irish mob!? Too funny.

ANTM: Yes, I do enjoy this show. It's so interesting to see the finished result from the photo shoots. The photos always look so dramatic and amazing. Anyway, isn't Jayla bitchy? Who knew--she was so sweet the first few episodes! And my dislike for Lisa has turned into pity. Poor old drunk. (Couldn't resist.) It was interesting that Coryn was relieved to go home. I'm glad she was eliminated since she wasn't happy to be there any more.


Blogger John said...

If I were on the island, I'd want to form a base camp with Sayid, Eko, Locke, and Sun.

And Jin. He can fish, he can navigate, he doesn't whine like Sawyer. And for all the weeks on the island, in the water, and tromping through the jungle, the guy still acts cool and calm. Fun fact: You can use his cheekbones to descale the fish he caught.

10/21/2005 2:32 PM  
Blogger Sheila said...

Plus he might turn into a zombie! Oh wait...that was on Angel...

10/21/2005 2:35 PM  

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