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Monday, November 14, 2005

Book Review: Twilight

(General review; mild spoilers)

Twilight is a young-adult vampire romance novel by Stephenie Meyer. Although I love anything supernatural, I usually stay away from vampires--I find them boring. Buffy and Angel changed my mind, along with Robin McKinley's Sunshine (best. vampire. novel. ever.), so I gave this a shot. And was pleasantly surprised.

What makes this book stand out is not the vampires (they're pretty standard--gorgeous, pale, superhuman strength and grace, mesmerizing--you know the drill), but the characters. Bella, the protagonist, is believable and likable. The romance is melodramatic, but isn't that what high school is all about? The other thing Meyer does well is atmosphere: this book takes place in Forks, WA (where I spent a weekend last fall--lovely), and the moody gray rain and silent trees add their ambiance to the plot.


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