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Monday, November 14, 2005

A List of Movies Sheila Watched This Weekend

1. MST3K: Hercules Against the Moon Men. Well, actually, I didn't watch much of this--I was reading through most of it. My DH is the real MST3K fan in our house. (However, I do possess a somewhat unhealthy obsession with the MST3K episode "Jack Frost." It's a true piece o' crap, but I love it. But just that episode. I don't know why.)
2. School of Rock. Mildly entertaining but mostly meh. My kitten, however, loves Jack Black. He watched the movie for about 20 minutes (a record for his addled little brain), then jumped to the back of the TV and meowed. We think he was looking for Jack Black. Awwww.


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