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Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday Round Up

Harry Potter: Loved it. Yes, even with the frenzied pacing, massive scene cuts, and plot changes, I thought it was a good movie. Best parts: decreased adolescent whining (that made me grind my teeth in the book). Cedric = charming. Lots of funny Fred and George scenes. The ball scene. Scary He-Who-Can't-Be-Named (he had no nose!!!). The three trials. Snape in study hall. Learning to dance. Decreased "Draco is a jerk" dialogue (we get it already). Also, it was scary--leave the kiddies at home.

What I Watched This Weekend: Besides HP, I watched the first 4 episodes of Sex and the City Season 6 (good so far--love Burger; still dislike Big), two episodes of Viva Blackpool, and caught up on last week's DVR offerings.

ANTM Gossip: This is from E! Online's Kristin. Expect serious claws to come out on Top Model in the next couple of weeks. Besides the girls going nuts on Kim (which we saw last week), someone is going to get accused of stealing, which will result in some crazy catfighting. UPN is calling it a "series of escalating confrontations." Bring. It. On!" Whoo hoo! Drama drama!

Tonight's Medium (in 3D): I'm going to pick up my 3D glasses this week, and will wait to watch the episode until I have them. What a slightly cheesy marketing ploy--that I'm totally buying into.


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