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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

TV Review: Martha (Or, Time in the Pokey Can Drive Ya Crazy)

I love Martha Stewart, criminal conviction notwithstanding. I enjoy her superior smile, her cool East-Coast smugness, and her ice-queen competence. That's why her new show (called simply "Martha") is so distressing to me. It's supposed to show us a new side of Martha--the warm, friendly side. However, I don't want Martha to be my girlfriend. I don't want her to be warm, chatty, or bubbly. I'd watch Oprah if I wanted that, thanks. Martha can't quite pull it off anyway--she's too controlling, too rigid, not good at "chatter."

The first few weeks of the show were incredibly painful. (Rapping with Diddy, anyone?) She's mellowed somewhat, and is more used to the live show format now. And I've gotten a couple yummy recipes from her. Still, though, I miss her old craft projects. I don't like her new interviewing segments or guest stars (especially the self-serving segments where she interviews the "Apprentice: Martha" losers). I miss the cold smile that didn't reach her eyes. I miss her telling me what to do and how exactly to do it.


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