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Thursday, November 03, 2005

TV Review: Medium (or, My Husband is Nicer Than Allison's)

(General review--no real spoilers)

I only started watching this show this season (though I've managed to see a few from last year), and I really like it. I've said before, I'll watch anything supernatural, and this show combines everything I like: ghosts, mystery, family drama, and a strong female lead who is smart and tough yet very human at the same time.

Patricia Arquette is fabulous in an understated way. Her performance is very subtle--she almost mutters her lines. Her face conveys haggardness (the character has a lot of sleepless nights) and also vulnerability.

The plots sometimes fall apart and are often rushed, but the real strengh of the show is the family dynamic. The daughters are wonderful. I especially love the middle daughter--she's cute, sassy, and stubborn. (The kids are fabulous actors.) The family's home is chaotic yet warm. Joe, Allison's husband, can sometimes be cranky or impatient, yet their relationship is honest and realistic. (I would have booted him to the curb long ago. But relationships are individual things, and theirs works.)

I also love when Allison's dreams are conveyed through animation, dance routines, or other surreal techniques. It adds depth and style to the show.


Blogger John said...

Aww. :)

At least the husband isn't the male version of long-suffering and patient goddess-saint that was Catherine Black from "Millennium."

The kids, tho, are adorable, and they all kinda look mom-and-dad-ish.

11/03/2005 2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just started watching the show on Lifetime and I swear, I'd kick Joe in the shin if he were my hubby... and then I'd find a divorce lawyer!! Geez... I'm only 5 shows in too. I hate his character. I hope that's not how he treats her in real life!!

6/04/2010 2:36 AM  

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