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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

V and B

Two interesting stories. First, TV Squad lists 5 similarities between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars. Second, The Watcher also compares the two (with VM coming out on top).


Blogger John said...

FWIW, that article you linked about VM vs Buffy nailed what's been lingering about why I like VM more than Buffy. For all its angst, Buffy never felt locked in the real world. I know you are supposed to take it as a fantasy with a dose of horror and magic realism, but Buffy, I think, tried to have it both ways. Also, imho, it got a little too glib and cute for its own good. Granted, it had some very good moments, but I think the whole "no one could be happy in Whedonland" started to rub me raw too.

As for Wallace, um he so ain't Xander. Xander was a Jimmy Olsen type, walking in between the gods and monsters, but more buffoonish. He was the "ground" of the Scoobies, as Rose was our tether in the new Dr. Who episodes. Except Xander was kinda forgotten about after a while.

Wallace, on the other hand, is almost a mirror image of VM. He's from a single parent home, where the other parent is out of the picture for some sad or mysterious reason. Like VM, he's a bit of an outcast at NHS. He's on the lower end of the econoscape. He's resourceful, clever and witty. He may not have the mad detective skillz that VM has, but he has his own gifts. There's a few times in Season 1 where VM needed Wallace to advance the investigation. I think they are on the range of equals, and VM as a person seems out of balance without Wallace these days.

12/01/2005 12:59 PM  
Blogger Sheila said...

Those are some good points! Thanks for the comments.

12/02/2005 9:15 AM  

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