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Monday, January 23, 2006


I'll be on vacation and non-blogging the rest of this week. Catch ya next week!

Open Letters to TV Shows

Dear Cold Case:
Please don't show me any more episodes about pedophiles and murdered children. Saturday's rerun episode made me almost yack. I would prefer you air the Rocky Horror episode over and over again every week.

Dear Without a Trace:
You should totally have your FBI agents try to find the main character's lips. Because they're gone--without a trace. Maybe the other agents can find them for him.

Dear Lost:
Do we have to do the heroin thing again? Can't we have more Locke flashbacks instead? No? Darn.

Dear Desperate Housewives:
Stop having characters act irrationally and inconsistently. It's not cute or charming. You're making me grind my teeth again.

Dear Invastion:
Speed up the pacing!!! Seriously!

Dear Veronica Mars:
Come back soon.

Friday, January 20, 2006

A Long Time Ago, We Used to be Friends...

Huge VM squee-age! Contains spoilers! Linky here.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Who was Jack's Wife Having an Affair With?

Because the Lost universe is incredibly small, it has to be a character we know. Popular theories:

1. Jack's dad (eww)
2. Desmond (remember that photo of Desmond and some blond chick in the hatch? Jack pauses and looks at it! I like this theory.)
2. Gabrielle, the woman Jack kissed

Alternate names for "Zeke" on Lost

* The Gorton's Fisherman guy (me)
* "Deliverance" dude (Maureen Ryan)
* Mr. OtherBeard (someone on TWOP)
* Rupert from Survivor! (someone on TWOP)
* A really lost, disgruntled Santa Claus (someone on TWOP)
* Island hillbilly (someone on TWOP)
* Captain Boatbilly (someone on TWOP)
* Cletus (someone on TWOP)
* Mr. Friendly (supposedly on the IMDB! Creepy)
*Beardy McWeirdy (someone on TWOP)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

An Article about Kitties!

OMG OMG this is sooo cute! Cats loves HDTV!

Reunion killer (maybe?) revealed!

(Article stolen from
The daughter did it?

Fans of Fox's "Reunion" - you know who you are - may never know for sure whodunit on the serialized mystery drama that got canceled before the true killer, or killers, could be found.

Turns out even Fox entertainment president Peter Liguori didn't know for sure who killed Samantha (Alexa Davalos) on the show, because producers themselves hadn't decided before the show premiered, he said yesterday.

(Pause here to consider how a network that's been down this road before, with serialized shows like "John Doe" that left their audiences hanging, would keep scheduling series whose basic arcs hadn't been mapped out ahead of time.)

But I digress.

"The best guess at that particular time was that it [the killer] was going to be Sam's daughter," Liguori said.

No wonder they couldn't show us that - at the point the series was cut off, Sam's daughter was still a little kid.

Book Review: Saving Fish from Drowning

Warning: contains spoilers!

I loved Amy Tan's latest novel, and think it's her best in a long time. I've read all her books, and while I enjoy them, they sometimes seems like the same story written again and again. Mother issues, cultural acceptance issues, someone fleeing the Japanese in China--these elements keep popping up over and over in Tan's books. The narrator of Saving Fish from Drowning (who's dead, by the way) does have some mother issues, and did have to flee from China--but after one mention, the book moves on to other subjects, to my relief. (I was worried we'd be stuck in that same theme.)

The story is about a group of tourists who disappear in Burma. It's about what happens to them, how they change, and how their different personalities handle the stress of their situation (and its aftermath). It's also about a small tribe of Burmese living in the jungle--the tribe kidnaps the tourists, thinking one of them is the "Younger White Brother," the promised second-coming of a god. The tribe mixes regional beliefs with those of a twisted British missionary (actually a con man) who lived with the tribe's ancestors 100 years earlier. Tan also describes the lack of human rights in Burma (or Myanmar, I guess it's called now) and the horrible treatment of certain native ethnic groups by the military. After reading this book, I was happy to be American.

The voice-from-the-grave narration is wonderful--it provides snarky commentary and foreshadowing. Another thing I found interesting was the comparison between American Buddhism and Burmese Buddhism--Americans think Buddhism is about peace and gentleness, but in Burma, it's about next-life retribution and cruel punishments.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Golden Globes

No, I didn't watch, for two reasons: 1) Awards shows are boring, and 2) I was too busy playing NintenDogs. (I have three dogs! That's a lot of food, walkies, baths, agility competitions, etc.) But I do have some feedback:

Yay! Go Lost! It deserves it. Well, Veronia Mars (SNUBBED, by the way) deserves it, but Lost is my second choice.

Huzzah! Another great choice! This is maybe the best-acted role on TV.


I like Steve Carell, but not in this role. Sorry, it's Ricky Gervais or no one for me. (Granted, I've only seen one episode of the American version of The Office, so maybe I'm missing something.)

Hooray! Yay Sandra! You're wonderful! (Actually, the whole cast is wonderful. This series has totally won my heart.)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Can't. Update. Blog.

Too busy playing with new toy. Pearly pink Nintendo DS. Whoo!

And in honor of my pink pink toy, here's a new pink pink layout. Whoo again!

Dr. Mario, your ass is mine!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Weekly Round-Up

Wahoo! The book I was working on has been edited and mailed back to the author! So now I have a bit o' time to update bloggy.

Surface: I know it's very high on the cheese factor, but this show keeps getting better. I like the "teenage monster" stuff with Miles, and that new scientist lady is fascinating on the screen. The creatures were engineered, not evolved. Oooh.

Medium: This week's episode was scary (and icky)! I really dislike the doctor...but he's a great villain. Don't mess with the blond babies! Freaks me out.

Battlestar: My DH got a press release of the first two episodes of this season, and they're stunners. Laura gets nasty! Starbuck almost cracks! Apollo's going nanners! (Well, I think he is, anyway. No proof yet.)

Movies I watched this weekend: One that shall not be named. OK, I'll name it (Baraka) but I don't recommend it. Unless you want to feel the desolation of war, poverty, and the uncrossable chasm of cultures. Oh, and there's animal torture. Moving on, the 40-Year-Old Virgin (note the hyphens! Stoopid marketing departments) was funny and cute. I also watched the last two episodes of season 6 of Sex and the City, and even though they were a bit Hollywood-happy-ending, the series as a whole was wonderful.

TV Guide interviews Keith Mars here.

Tonight, we get to learn about Mr. Eko on Lost! Whoo! Can't wait.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Mini Book Reviews

Quick recaps of what I read over Christmas break:

Mortal Love by Elizabeth Hand
I liked this; it combined Hand's usual mythology and fantasy elements, but it made more sense than her usual novels.

Something Rich and Strange by Patricia A. McKillip
I'm a huge McKillip fan, but this isn't her best. It's a novella that uses large margins and a large font to stretch it out. It's about her usual fascination with the sea, but this novel is more blatant than her usual subtle works.

Eldest by Christopher Paolini
This is the second book in a series, and parts of it drove me crazy: too long (by at least 200 pages), and way, way to derivitive of source materials (mainly Tolkein). However, by the end, the action had gripped me, and I'm looking forward to the next book.

Snow by Tracy Lynn
This was a $3.99 young adult novel I got at the local bookstore. A retelling of Snow White, this novel did add some original elements--mainly half-human, half-animal outcasts living in the dregs of Victorian London (instead of dwarves). It was a quick read--not great, but not bad, either.

13 Steps Down by Ruth Rendell
I love Rendell mainly for her twisted sense of poetic justice--everyone gets what's completely, and literally, fair at the end of a Rendell novel. This is no exception, but it was a big downer--more depressing than her usual books, I think. Still, it was well written with a good conclusion.

I'm currently reading Amy Tan's latest, Saving Fish from Drowning, and I'll review when it's finished. (Her main character has mother issues. Can you believe it? A Tan novel about mother conflicts?! /end sarcasm)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

Greetings, my kittens! I'm finally back, though I'm slammed with a deadline at work this week, so I'll keep it brief. I saw several movies, read even more books, and completely emptied my DVR of all programming. (And, I can't wait until we get out of rerun season. New Lost, new BSG, new VM, new Monk...they're all coming! Soon! Woot!)

Bring on the Snark!
Here are some mini movie reviews, all kind of snarky.
King Kong. Sucked every time the monkey wasn't on screen. Seriously, at least an hour and a half could have been cut. And I felt hit over the head with the whole "Heart of Darkness" thing. And that line about beauty killing the beast might have worked in the original, but it was cheesy in this remake. An hour and a half of monkey-dino deathmatches and the monkey dismantling New York: now that would have been kewl.
Brothers Grimm. Some clever ideas and nice imagery, but with the usual Terry Gilliam convoluted plot. Meh.
Wedding Crashers. Amusing but overlong. Seriously, at least 30 minutes should have been cut from the middle, which dragged.
Bad News Bears. Funny, but would have been funnier with an R rating and more swearing. (Though I liked the hyper, angry kid--reminds me of my little kitty, Seamus.)
The Forgotten. Stoopid alien abduction movie. Too long, and unintentionally funny when people would get literally snatched into the sky.
A Christmas Story. Ahhh, perfection. Thank you, TNT!

TV Snippets
* I liked this week's Cold Case (it might have been a rerun) starring Brad (asshole) and with the Rocky Horror soundtrack!
* Christina Ricci will be on Grey's Anatomy sometime in January. Woot!
* More Futurama episodes may be made! Cross your fingers.