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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

Greetings, my kittens! I'm finally back, though I'm slammed with a deadline at work this week, so I'll keep it brief. I saw several movies, read even more books, and completely emptied my DVR of all programming. (And, I can't wait until we get out of rerun season. New Lost, new BSG, new VM, new Monk...they're all coming! Soon! Woot!)

Bring on the Snark!
Here are some mini movie reviews, all kind of snarky.
King Kong. Sucked every time the monkey wasn't on screen. Seriously, at least an hour and a half could have been cut. And I felt hit over the head with the whole "Heart of Darkness" thing. And that line about beauty killing the beast might have worked in the original, but it was cheesy in this remake. An hour and a half of monkey-dino deathmatches and the monkey dismantling New York: now that would have been kewl.
Brothers Grimm. Some clever ideas and nice imagery, but with the usual Terry Gilliam convoluted plot. Meh.
Wedding Crashers. Amusing but overlong. Seriously, at least 30 minutes should have been cut from the middle, which dragged.
Bad News Bears. Funny, but would have been funnier with an R rating and more swearing. (Though I liked the hyper, angry kid--reminds me of my little kitty, Seamus.)
The Forgotten. Stoopid alien abduction movie. Too long, and unintentionally funny when people would get literally snatched into the sky.
A Christmas Story. Ahhh, perfection. Thank you, TNT!

TV Snippets
* I liked this week's Cold Case (it might have been a rerun) starring Brad (asshole) and with the Rocky Horror soundtrack!
* Christina Ricci will be on Grey's Anatomy sometime in January. Woot!
* More Futurama episodes may be made! Cross your fingers.


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