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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Reunion killer (maybe?) revealed!

(Article stolen from
The daughter did it?

Fans of Fox's "Reunion" - you know who you are - may never know for sure whodunit on the serialized mystery drama that got canceled before the true killer, or killers, could be found.

Turns out even Fox entertainment president Peter Liguori didn't know for sure who killed Samantha (Alexa Davalos) on the show, because producers themselves hadn't decided before the show premiered, he said yesterday.

(Pause here to consider how a network that's been down this road before, with serialized shows like "John Doe" that left their audiences hanging, would keep scheduling series whose basic arcs hadn't been mapped out ahead of time.)

But I digress.

"The best guess at that particular time was that it [the killer] was going to be Sam's daughter," Liguori said.

No wonder they couldn't show us that - at the point the series was cut off, Sam's daughter was still a little kid.


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