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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Weekly Round-Up

Wahoo! The book I was working on has been edited and mailed back to the author! So now I have a bit o' time to update bloggy.

Surface: I know it's very high on the cheese factor, but this show keeps getting better. I like the "teenage monster" stuff with Miles, and that new scientist lady is fascinating on the screen. The creatures were engineered, not evolved. Oooh.

Medium: This week's episode was scary (and icky)! I really dislike the doctor...but he's a great villain. Don't mess with the blond babies! Freaks me out.

Battlestar: My DH got a press release of the first two episodes of this season, and they're stunners. Laura gets nasty! Starbuck almost cracks! Apollo's going nanners! (Well, I think he is, anyway. No proof yet.)

Movies I watched this weekend: One that shall not be named. OK, I'll name it (Baraka) but I don't recommend it. Unless you want to feel the desolation of war, poverty, and the uncrossable chasm of cultures. Oh, and there's animal torture. Moving on, the 40-Year-Old Virgin (note the hyphens! Stoopid marketing departments) was funny and cute. I also watched the last two episodes of season 6 of Sex and the City, and even though they were a bit Hollywood-happy-ending, the series as a whole was wonderful.

TV Guide interviews Keith Mars here.

Tonight, we get to learn about Mr. Eko on Lost! Whoo! Can't wait.


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