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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Interesting Lost Article

Linky here. The best line: Locke is "Howard Dean with better wilderness skills." Bwah.

(Actually, I like the first part of the article, about how the characters aren't wholly redeemed from their dark pasts.)


Blogger John said...

I find it interesting that Locke is the only one who has moved beyond what he used to be before the island. Everyone else is essentially being themselves or their roles in life before they got to the island.

Locke can now walk again on the island, hence his notion that the island has some transmutive powers. While he still has some of his old failings, he's willing to take that "leap of faith" to reinvent himself. Yet, Locke has had his moments of doubt, asking the island what else it needs of him. He believes that the island can change him, while the rest of the Lostaways are merely going through the paces.

The show plays with various religions, but slides back to Buddhism more than most, and the origin of Buddhism started with a rich prince wandering into the forest and surrendering himself to nothingness. It was only then did he receive enlightenment and become Buddha.

While Locke is the most touched by the island (next to Walt, I guess), he's not all that transmuted yet. The rest of the Lostaways are still struggling to make that first step of going into the forest and losing themselves.

2/10/2006 2:15 PM  

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