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Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday Round Up

What I watched (of note) this weekend:

Puppy Bowl II (on Animal Planet). This is three hours of puppies, in a cage, playing with toys and each other. That's it. My favorite part: The Kitty Halftime Show, which was 30 minutes of kittens playing with toys and with each other. So sweet! This is perfect backgound viewing for non-football types: I had the TV on mute, had Placebo on my iPod, and was reading a book. A good day.

My Neighbor Totoro. A charming anime movie about a gentle forest spirit who befriends two sisters. Oh, and there's a 12-legged (male) cat bus, and two other smaller totoros. I'm a huge sucker for cute (in case you hadn't noticed), and this movie has lots of cute. It also has that moment where the real world and fantasy collide--a feature of all the best anime, in my opinion. Adorable animation for the sisters, also. To see the cuteness, click here.

The Aristocrats. This is an extremely foul-mouthed movie that manages to be funny, entertaining, and kind of touching...and cost next to nothing to make, I'm sure. It's a movie about a rude joke, and features bunches (and bunches) of comedians telling the joke, or talking about the joke. Basic info on the joke is here, but it's definitely adult subject matter.


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