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Thursday, February 02, 2006

My TWOP Veronica Mars Post

I cross-posted this to TWOP also. If anyone can answer my question, that would be kewl...
Great episode! I really liked it. (Doesn't hurt that the Donut is gone, either. Buh-bye, confusing non-consistent bland boy.) I was worried last week that we were veering into dangerous territory, but this episode seems to be a return to form. Hooray! (Or maybe I should say HoYay! Logan and Weevil! Hee.)

A few random coments and a question:

* I suspect that Jackie, Dick, and Beaver will all become more important as the series goes on (especially in connection to the bus crash), and that's why they're in the credits.

* Great continuity in this episode, and I always love the return of Cliff, Inga, Dick, and the Beav.

* Am I the only old lady Morrissey fan who thinks of the song "First of the Gang to Die" whenever I hear the name Hector? *crickets chirping* I am? Oh. ("Hector was the first of the gang with a gun in his hand / And the first to do time, the first of the gang to die, Oh my...")

* My question: Weevil said last week, and alluded to it again this week, that whoever's dealing with the Fitzpatricks is the one who killed Felix. Why does he think this? What clue am I forgetting?


Blogger John said...

I wouldn't wager the Morrissey connection as impossible. ;)

And yes, very good episode, even though I'm murky on the Weevil plot too.

The continuity on VM is maybe the best on TV right now.

2/02/2006 3:06 PM  
Blogger Queen Kandis said...

I don't think you're forgetting a clue, I think Weevil came to this conclusion without the audience being clued in much. I too LOVE the continuity of "Veronica Mars" but I think this is a mistake on their part. (I could be totally wrong- how long do we have to wait for Season 2 DVDs?).

2/09/2006 1:09 PM  

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