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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Open Letters to TV Shows, Part II

Dear Cold Case:
Please stop with the "murdered black people from the past" plots. Yeah, I get it--racism is bad. And the past was a less enlightened time. But reminding me every other week seems a bit...reactionary. It's creepy. Stop it.

Dear Supernatural:
Stop with all the "WB" moments. You know, where the brothers have to have deep talks and discuss their feelings. Just have your pretty boys shoot the monsters and look wounded, OK?

Dear Grey's Anatomy:
I love you.


Blogger John said...

Heehee on Supernatural aka Ghoulmore Girlyboys. Yes, please, go back to hitting each other and acting like the Hardy Boys meet X-Files meet a Hope-Crosby road movie.

Plus, the whole telekinesis bit could easily fall into a deux ex machina where the superbrother gets scared enough to TK someone out of danger or some baddie into a oncoming bus.

Hrm. Divine has that problem, too, but then turning a brother into a superhero ruins some of the fear factor of the series whereas Divine is about a superhero, and you are expected to travel over those newfound power problems in the story.

As for Grey's Anatomy, the blast made them a little deaf. You'll have to speak up.

As for me...

Dear Battlestar Galactica

Who is running Pegasus? And it's nice to see Apollo has gotten over his whole dead girlfriend thing so fast. And that Starbuck isn't a raging drunk this week.

2/14/2006 12:44 PM  
Blogger kybruno said...

Cold Case always gets me in the end, even if it is the same old same old every week.

Don't mind the Supernatural guys getting in touch with their feminine side as much as I mind everyone's mother being killed by Burning Ceiling Demon.

Grey's Anatomy-yeah gotta love it

2/14/2006 3:41 PM  

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