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Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Very Grey Blog

If you've never read Grey Matter, the blog by the writers of Grey's Anatomy, I recommend it. This week, the writer of "Yesterday" justifies the Meredith and George incident (they slept together). Apparently some fans went crazy when this happened, accusing Meredith of being not only whiny but also manipulative and destructive. They're very protective of George's tender little heart. I don't think Meredith's whiny--or rather, if she is, it's with good reason--but rather that she's a good Everywoman. The stuff she's dealing with is difficult, and if she's occasionally immature, well, aren't we all. I find her sympathetic. But I also adore George, so I hope he comes through this OK--stronger and happier. (I also wonder if people would be less negative if she were male...but that's a tired old issue.)


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