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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What Happens when You Gizoogle My Blog?

Bwah ha ha ha!!!


Open Wanna Be Gangsta ta TV Shows, P-to-tha-izzart II

Dizzle Cold Case:
Pleaze stop wit tha "murdered black thugz F-R-to-tha-izzom tha pizzast" plots. Yeah, I git it--racism is bad. And tha pizzast was a less enlightened time . Bow wow wow yippee yo yipee yay. But remind'n me every otha wizzle seems a bit...reactionary. It's creepy. S-T-to-tha-izzop it fo' sheezy.

Dear Supernatizzle:
Stiznop wit all tha "WB" moments. You know, where tha brotha have ta have dizzle raps n discuss they blunt-rollin' . Subscribe nigga, get yo issue.. Jizzay have yo pretty boys shoot tha monsta n look wounded, OK?

Dear Grey's Anatomy:
I love you.


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