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Friday, March 31, 2006

Lost Speculation!

See--I *am* capable of writing about other things besides Veronica Mars (even though the tiny blond one does hold my heart in her cute little hands).

Some comments and speculation from Wednesday's episode of Lost:

  • Oooh, the woman who was buying the house that Locke inspected: was she Sayid's girlfriend (Nadia)? And was the house in Hurley's neighborhood (where he bought that swanky house for his mom)?
  • I love the title "Lockdown"! It works on so many levels. (But we still don't know how Locke ended up in the wheelchair--augh!)
  • Is Locke's dad the "real Sawyer"--the person who screwed up Island-Sawyer's family? Seems likely. Locke's dad has done at least two cons that we know of.
  • Holy cow--were the glowing scribbles on the wall a map of the other hatches? Seems like it. I hope we see them again. (Screencap here; with comments here and here--the best one is here. Lostpedia analysis here--more than you ever wanted to know!)
  • Dharma food parachute drops! That solves the question of how Desmond got supplies. (Dharma mac 'n' cheese....mmmm. Hopefully next it'll be Dharma-Os with meatballs.) Why didn't anyone see the airplane (or whatever) the supplies were dropped from? Was it "dropped" from somewhere on the island?
  • Why didn't Locke just try to go through the vent to start with, instead of trying to lift the steel door?
  • Kate: "Should I get a ruler?" Hee. Good line.
  • Locke's father had an Oceanic Airlines flight bag when he left the Motel. (Can anyone confirm this?) Also, the plane taking off in the background had an Oceanic logo on it.
  • The fake Henry Gale--soooo creepy (and such good make-up!). Excellent acting.
  • Who buried the real Henry Gale? And did he die in the balloon crash?
  • Anyone else think Sawyer let Jack win all those poker games?

So many daddy issues on this show.

The Veronica Mars Opening Credits

You know how wonderful the credits are to Veronica Mars? The perfect song ("We Used to Be Friends" by the Dandy Warhols), the fun clips from previous shows....and the fabulous, simple line drawings? Ever stop to think about those drawings? What do you think they mean?

  • Kristen Bell: Two people in an apartment window, either kissing or fighting.
  • Percy Daggs III: A body chalk outline. (This better not be foreshadowing! Eek!)
  • Teddy Dunn: A surveillance camera.
  • Jason Dohring: Lilly's name and flowers--they look like they were doodled by Lilly. (Awwww! So heartbreaking!)
  • Francis Capra: Hands behind bars holding a cigarette. (Hee. Pretty clear.)
  • Ryan Hansen: A surfboard. (Ah, Dick, are you truly this uncomplicated? Or is it a sham?)
  • Kyle Gallner: A press hat and a camera.
  • Tessa Thompson: An RX bottle and lipstick. (Hee! This is so funny! Oh, yeah, I remember once it was implied that Jackie was a druggie...)
  • Enrico Colantoni: Handcuffs. (Because Papa Mars is the Once and Future Sheriff, the true figure of justice in this show.)

What are your thoughts?

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

This is the last Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day I have...that is, until a couple more episodes air, and I can post some pictures that, if I posted them now, would be spoilers. (Rob Thomas asked us to hold off posting a few.) So I'll add them after the episodes air.

Here's a close-up of the Lilly Kane memorial. It's right by the front entrance to the school. Ostentatious much?

Fun fact: the poem on the statue was "borrowed" from the show Freaks and Geeks. However, in that show it was used for a dead pet.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Rob Thomas/Jason Dohring Interview

Photo courtesy of the TV Whore.

(Fairly mild, but you've been warned.)

For the full text, read Polter-Cow's write-up of the interview, or comice's.

However, here are some of the highlights and things that I found interesting.

  • Even if Neptune incorporates (and we'll know "soon," says Rob, if it will), we'll get to keep Sheriff Lamb. Yay!
  • The season finale will have "real action." It will be big with "lots of geography." (Ooh!) And we will get to see graduation this season.
  • Make sure to leave your comments about next year's mystery: should it be one big one, like in seasons 1 and 2, or broken into three smaller mysteries?
  • Wallace and Logan will have scenes together soon! (They'll work on a class project together.) This is the first time since the car-smashy scene in season 1.
  • Jason let it drop that Hannah is in only 3 episodes. Oops! So I guess she really is in boarding school. Buh-bye!

Veronica Mars: The Rapes of Graff--My Response

Overall, a good episode! I especially enjoyed the dark humor with Veronica and "Birddog" and the beer and tasering. I love badass, justice-is-mine Veronica.

  • OMG! Madison and LAMB?! (I can't wait to see what Scooter has to say in Madison's defense, hee.) What is she doing? What could she possibly gain from this "relationship"? I loved the election poster that Keith made--so funny. (Cliff: "I'd vote for you." Hee.)
  • Troy looked really good--but I'm glad Veronica didn't trust him. He's still a weasel.
  • In case anyone missed it...the rumor is that next year's mystery will revolve around finding the rapist. Which assumes that Veronica will attend Hearst. (Like any of us didn't see that coming!) We know Wallace will be there, too...what about Mac? Or is she a year younger? Logan? Dick? (I can't see Dick in college.) Beaver's too young. Hmm.
  • Yes, I know Dean was that guy from Arrested Development...but does anyone else think he's the rapist? Soooo creepy! (This means that they'd have to hire him for next year!)
  • Dear Veronica: Please don't go alone into the dank basements of evil frat houses. It scares me. I know you can take care of yourself, but still...I was nervous for you.
  • I can see what Rob meant (in the interview) when he said having Veronica at college meant they could do shows that were darker and more adult. Veronica's graduation could be a good thing.
  • Cliff and Keith together....*dreamy sigh*
  • Did anyone else think, when we saw the feet going to Logan's room in the Neptune Grand, that it was the Fitzpatricks coming to beat the crap out of Logan? I was actually relieved to see it was just Dr. Nip/Schmuck! So does this mean that the good Dr. can recant his recanted testimony, since Logan didn't keep his part of the bargain? (I've just gone cross eyed!)

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

(Sorry this is a crooked picture!) This is a photo of the poster that hangs on Keith's office wall. You can actually see this photo in last week's episode, The Quick and the Wed, when Terrance is in Keith's office.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Veronica Mars Season 3: Input Needed

Rob Thomas and the writers have been discussing ideas for season 3 of Veronica Mars. (They think, by the way, that there will be a season 3--but nothing's for sure yet, so keep watching to keep those numbers up!) Anyway, they were wondering what you would think if, rather than one large mystery, there were three smaller mysteries during season 3, divided into (approximately) 7, 7, and 8 episodes each. Rob thinks this might make it easier for new fans to start watching (there wouldn't be as much to catch up on), and also it would be easier to keep the momentum going during long breaks (like we just had, where there were reruns for about 2 months).

So, what do you think? If you watch the show, please state your opinion in a comment, which in turn I'll send to Rob. (This show really does listen to its fans, so your input is important.)

My opinion: I trust the writers to make it work if they do this, but I do enjoy the year-long mystery, with clues and hints and red herrings throughout all the episodes. (I've heard people complain, though, that there are too many episodes this season that aren't about the bus crash; having 3 mysteries would solve that problem.) If I had to vote, I'd say one big mystery--but I'm OK either way.

A fabulous Interview!

I managed to (mostly) get my technology to work last night, even though I never got through on the phone to ask my questions. The interview with Rob and Jason was great. My computer did crap out right when Rob was answering the question about WEEVIL'S PEN from last year. Damn! That's what I really wanted to know (can someone fill me in?). Anyway, more from the interview to come, probably tomorrow. However, Rob is looking for feedback on next season; see my next post and please give your input.

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Here's a picture of the "Unleash" poster that's in Keith and Veronica's apartment. (As usual, click to enlarge.)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's Almost Interview Time!

Soon it will be time for my (group) phone interview with Jason Dohring and Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars. Eek! I need questions! I'm starting to freeze up.....

*takes calming breaths*

Book Review: Fitcher's Brides

Contains spoilers (although, can you really "spoil" a book that's based on a well-known fairy tale?)
Also, I should warn you that I'm going to give a mini-lecture on fairy tales.

Fitcher's Brides by Gregory Frost is yet another book in the Fairy Tales series. This one is based on the story Fitcher's Bird, which is a similar (yet superior) version of the Bluebeard tale. Superior, because although three sisters are married to a powerful man, and the oldest two are murdered when they discover their husband's secret (he's had other wives, and he's killled them), the youngest sister is allowed to save them herself, with no help from her brothers or father, and there's no "moral" about the evils of women's curiosity. (Perrault's Bluebeard story has a "women shouldn't be curious; it's bad for them" moral tacked onto the end.) Still, it's a dark tale of serial murder, maybe originally to warn females of the possibility of male violence. (Or maybe to warn people about strangers.)

The first 200 or so pages were fabulous. I couldn't wait to read more. The book is set in the late 1800s, in a religious "end of the world" community (which there were so many of at the time). The magnetic preacher of the community is the Bluebeard figure, and the 3 sisters are unable to resist his advances. The descriptions of murder (and sometimes sex and abuse) are pretty graphic.

However, the last 100 or so pages seemed pretty weak to me. I think the book spends too much time with the first sister, and then kind of glosses over the second and third sisters--which is too bad, because it's the youngest sister who's most interesting (and most important to the plot). The ending felt a bit rushed. Also, there were a lot of unresolved issues: Who was Fitcher? Some comments made it seem like he had supernatural powers--did he? And if so, why did he die so easily? Or did he die? Who were the men in the shadowy rooms, and why were they there? Who was the ghost the sisters talked to in their room? (This is the plot point that really bugs me; why spend almost 50 pages on something you're going to totally drop later?) And by what power does the younger sister knit together and heal the bones of her sisters?

Three Movie Reviews

Over the weekend I watched three movies. Here are brief reviews.

Brokeback Mountain
I expected to love this movie; what could be better than two hot guys falling in love? I expected it to be romantic and I expected to cry. Actually, I didn't like it. I thought Heath Ledger's character was a passive-aggressive, emotionally stunted jerk, and Jake Gyllenhaal's character was unstable and shallow. I didn't sense any real love between them, and I'm not sure why they were attracted to each other. I was most sympathetic to their wives (who I thought handled themselves well--I would have kicked Heath Ledger in the nuts). Oh, and it was slow moving. Pretty scenery does not a good movie make.

High School Musical
As I said last week, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I really enjoyed the scene where the basketball players were singing and dancing around with basketballs (enjoyed as in I laughed and laughed). I have no idea why this is so popular--it's totally bland, cleansed of any real emotions, and completely uncomplicated. It's the ultimate G-rated movie, really.

Princess Mononoke
The best of the three I watched, in my opinion! This is the tale of a prince outcast from his tribe because he was infected by a demon, and his quest to find the great Forest Spirit whose blood can cure his infection. Along the way he meets a girl raised by wolves (the title character), a scheming monk, and a queen in a city whose destroying the surrounding forest with her industrialization. Like My Neighbor Totoro, the message here is to respect and honor nature--and at the end, all the characters reach that conclusion. I like Totoro better because of the cute factor, but this is just as good as Spirited Away.

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Here's another Dick 'n' Beaver shot. (I'm not sure what Kyle is doing with his hands in this photo, hee.)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

As promised last week, here's the desk calendar on Veronica's receptionist desk at Mars Investigations. Click to enlarge and see the fun doodles! Again, I wish I knew who drew them.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Veronica Mars Viewing Party: You Could be on TV!

Here's a press release from UPN. VM needs all the help it can get--let's create some buzz to make sure it gets picked up for next season!


If you videotape you and your friends watching Veronica Mars, you may get a chance to see yourself on national TV!

UPN is offering its dedicated Veronica Mars fans a great opportunity to have your 15-seconds of fame! Every week, get a group of friends together for a Veronica Mars viewing party and shoot some video of your event. The tape can include anything you want: sound bites of your friends talking about their favorite characters, you saying why you love Veronica Mars, or a group shout-out to your friends and family in your hometown. But keep it clean, because your tape could end up airing on UPN during an episode of Veronica Mars!

Every week starting in April, tune in to Veronica Mars on UPN to see if your party is chosen as the featured party that airs during that week’s episode. Even if your party doesn’t make it on UPN, make sure to check out to see if it is online.

Creativity counts and don’t forget to express why you are the biggest Veronica Mars fan. This is an excellent opportunity to convert your friends into Veronica Mars fans!!!!

Please keep in mind that if your video is broadcast on TV, it will need to be brightly lit and the audio will need to be clear. Also, in order to ensure that we can use it, the video can’t include any copyrighted materials, such as logos on clothing, music or television programming playing in the background, or signage, like posters, paintings, photographs, and etc.

The featured parties will run during a commercial break and UPN’s producers will be editing your footage into an on-air promo, so the tape only needs to be a few minutes long. Finally, depending on your home video camera, VHS, mini-DV or DVD are best.

In order for UPN to be able to use your tape on air or on, you and all of your friends at the party need to sign releases and provide a current photograph of each of you so we can identify who everyone is.

If you are interested in submitting a tape, please email Sienna Sanders or Chelsea Hettrick to get a copy of the releases as well as the mailing address for where to send your tape. (

We can’t wait to see your tapes! Happy viewing!

High School Musical

Here's an article by Mark Morford (are you proud of me, honey? I'm linking to Morford!) about why the movie High School Musical and its soundtrack are so popular. (I haven't seen it yet, but it is waiting for me on my DVR. I have to see what all the fuss is about.)

The Fall 2006 TV Season

From USA Today, a round-up of possible pilots in development for next year.

Book Review: White as Snow

General review--no real spoilers

White as Snow, by Tanith Lee, is another entry in Terri Windling's Fairy Tale series. I love Tanith Lee--she combines horror and dark fantasy in truly chilling ways. (I especially love her short stories, but I also adore some of her more horror-genre novels. Some of my favorites are The Silver Metal Lover, The Gorgon and Other Beastly Tales, Dark Dance, and Heartbeast).

White as Snow combines the Snow White fairy tale with the myth of Persephone. That sounds strange, but it works remarkably well. Also, the main character, at least for the first part of the novel, is the evil "stepmother"--in this case, not very evil, just mentally unsound; lonely and abandoned after being kidnapped from her home, brutally raped, and married by the beast-like king Draco. She's not quite a sympathetic character, but she's definitely not the mindless evil mother-figure of Disney's movie. (And she meets a horrible end.)

This is a very dark tale, and it doesn't end "happily ever after." However, I enjoy Lee's prose style, and liked the book. (Though I don't recommend it if you're looking for something romantic, light, or straightforward.)

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

This is a photo that makes me giggle. What, you may be asking, am I looking at? Well, at the top left is Rob's hand, with his diet Squirt. We're in the police station, and this is Inga's receptionist desk. You can see the bell, her phone, and a bit of her keyboard. And, a green folder labeled...pedophiles. Yes, that's right--never fear, Inga's got a file on Neptune's pedophiles. She's on the case. (I didn't see what's in the file--we weren't supposed to touch anything--but there are definitely papers in there.) You'll probably have to enlarge this one (click on the photo) to see it clearly.

I think I have enough photos for my Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day to last another week. So come back Monday!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Veronica Mars is Moving Back to Tuesday Nights!

THANK GOD! This is very good news, I think. No more conflict with Lost! Plus one less day to wait in the week! From UPNs press release:
Veronica Mars is moving back to Tuesday nights!

We wanted to let you know that UPN announced today that they are moving Veronica Mars back to her original time period on Tuesdays at 9 PM. Starting April 11, tune in to UPN on Tuesday nights to catch all new episodes of Veronica Mars through the season finale on May 9. Repeats will air on Wednesday nights at 9 pm ET/PT for the first couple of weeks.

The hope is that more people will be able to tune-in to Veronica on Tuesdays. So, tell all your friends that there are no excuses now not to watch Veronica Mars!

Open Letters to TV Shows, Part III

Dear Cold Case:
This just occurred to me. How can you write "closed" on the case-file boxes, and have self-satisfied flashbacks, BEFORE THE TRIAL? In fact, do you ever have trials on your show? Or is the case closed when you think you know what happened? Shouldn't the case files go to the prosecutor, and not be stored in your endless warehouse (which may also hold the Ark of the Covenant)?

Dear UPN (in general):
Stop showing baseball games on Wednesdays. ANTM started at 9, and I couldn't watch it because of Lost (so I can't read any blogs today or I'll be spoiled about who got kicked off), and VM didn't start until 10, which means I didn't get to bed until 11. I'm an old lady--that's too late for me.

Dear Grey's Anatomy:
Can we please, please, please get rid of Dr. Evil Spawn? His instability and constant jealousy are getting old. Oh, and will you fix George's hair? Just straighten it out a bit? Thanks.

Dear Lost:
Is Jin a nice guy or a jerk? Why does he seem totally bipolar? Yes, I know we're all changeable and inconsistent, but he seems almost pathological. Oh, and I get that you're trying to make Kate and Anna-Lucia sympathetic. I don't think it's working.

Dear House:
I'm tired of the current Cottages (Foreman, Cameron, and Chase). Can we get a new batch? Well, actually, you could keep Chase around just so I can marvel at his hair.

Dear Invasion:
Ewwwww. The last two episodes used the word "uterus" more than any other show I've ever seen. The alien spawn stuff? Gross. The almost-self-abortion scene? Double gross.

How about it, my kittens? Do you have any open letters?

Veronica Mars: The Quick and the Wed--My Response

Love, love, love! A great episode all around. Good Mystery of the Week, and actual progress on solving the bus-crash mystery.

What I loved:
  • Vinnie AND Cliff in one episode? *sigh* They were both fabulous.
  • Logan overhearing Hannah's mom telling her not to trust him; he realizes Hannah does trust him, and starts to actually feel bad. That's right, the psychotic asshole starts to feel...guilt. (I wonder if Hannah is as innocent as she seems? All signs point to yes, she is--but maybe she's partially using Logan, also, to "rebel" against her parents?)
  • Kendall! And Aaron Echolls! Together! Also, I loved Aaron's overacting in the "True Hollywood Stories" show. So melodramatic! And also so creepy. (It sounds like he's gonna get off for the murder! Eek!) EDIT: If Aaron and Kendall joined forces, they could take over the world. In a totally evil way, of course.
  • Hannah: "You lose a nipple!" Hee.
  • Dick: "Must be all those tossed salads." OMG! Uh, censors? Are you awake?
  • We learn more about Jane, and can start to like her a bit.

Some questions I have:
  • Why has no one mentioned that it's WOODY'S hanger, not Cook's???
  • What the heck was Kendall doing in Duncan/Logan's shower? Some people have said getting a hair; some said dropping a bug. I'll look more closely when I rewatch tonight. EDIT: On rewatch, I saw that she was getting out a pair of tweezers and taking a hair from the drain. Uh, eww. Of course, the question is, was she going for some of Logan's DNA (Aaron did say go to "my son's room)," or was she going for Duncan's (which I hope to God would be long gone by now)?
  • I hope that Beaver has a back-up plan in, maybe I should say when...Kendall tries to run off with his money/company. Also, does anyone else think that Beaver might be up to something...a little bit illegal? A real-estate scam of some kind? (It must run in the family.) EDIT: On rewatch, I think it's pretty clear that Beaver is getting scammed, not doing the scamming. He said he was getting a good deal on real estate--then realizes later that people are dumping their future non-incorporated properties onto him, which will become a crime-ridden slum when Neptune incorporates and will become worthless. Ouch. Poor Beaver. Hopefully he'll be able to blame it on Kendall.
What did you think?

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

This fabulous mascot poster is hanging on the wall outside of the school's cafeteria.

Go Pirates!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Squeee!

This is from Variety. A 3-hour season finale--squeee! A lot can happen in 3 hours--like maybe Dr. Evil Spawn will get squished by a bus. Or move to Peru.

"Grey's Anatomy" is moving to Monday nights -- at least for a week.

In a bid to maximize its hottest hit, ABC will air "Grey's" second-season finale as a three-hour, two-night event on May 14-15. First hour will air in the skein's regular 10 p.m. Sunday slot, while the final two hours will air Monday, May 15, from 9-11 p.m.

Scheduling is part of a larger effort by ABC to sprint to the end of the season by serving up two-hour finales of its biggest shows, including "Desperate Housewives," "Lost" and "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

Huge Lost News!

Stop reading if you don't want to know! (Kind of a spoiler, but not really.)

From this week's Ask Ausiello:
Major-ass prattle-poop: You remember how Carlton Cuse told me that there wouldn't be time for a Rose/Bernard flashback episode this season? Well, looks like he found some time. My Lost mole confirms that a May-sweeps episode will delve into the couple's backstory. And not only will we find out how the lovebirds met, but we'll discover that Rose has something rather surprising in common with Locke. Any guesses?

Hooray! Rose Rose Rose!

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Here's the TV Whore herself, serving up some yummy cookies at Java the Hut. Note the menu above her head and all the tea to the left of the photo.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Veronica Mars TeleConference with Rob Thomas and Jason Dohring

Date: Tuesday March 28, 5:00 PM Pacific

Barring any technical difficulties, I'm going to participate in an online Veronica Mars TeleConference with Rob Thomas and Jason Dohring. (Keep in mind: my computer may explode due to Logan's powers of psychotic asshole-ness. Or due to my own ineptness.)

But assuming I can get all the hardware to work, what would you like me to ask Rob and/or Jason? What I'm planning to ask so far:

Rob: How did teaching high school influence the world of Neptune High? (I'm an ex-teacher, so I'm interested in his thoughts. I think Neptune is one of the "realer" high schools on TV.)

Jason: Duh....drool....gahhhh..... (At this point I'll probably pass out.)

Send me your questions, my kittens!

Kristen Bell is my BFF

I was spoiled by reading the other blogs from VM Bloggers Press Day, but I was still thrilled (and I squee'd a bit) when I opened my mailbox and found a card from Kristen Bell inside. We're so totally best friends now. I have a scanner--in a box, in my closet, gathering dust, so I'm going to type what the letter says.

Shelia [Yes, it's misspelled--but I don't mind; everyone does that to my name]

Just wanted to say thanks for visiting the set--and for always blogging about us. The work you guys do really does get new viewers interested--and everyone at VM thanks you for that!

[heart] [That's a little drawn heart!]
Kristen Bell

The card is a very elegent pale blue embossed with silver flowers. She wrote in a gold pen, which barely showed up on the gold envelope! Her handwriting is very loopy and rounded--very feminine. There's no return address, but it's postmarked San Diego. Also, the envelope wan't licked, but taped closed--so no Kristen Bell DNA for evil cloning experiments. (darn)

I don't know whose idea it was to send us cards, but it was really nice of Kristen to take the time. Thank you, again, to everyone at VM for being so welcoming to us star-struck bloggers.

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Here's a photo of Veronica's receptionist desk at Mars Investigations. (Click to enlarge.) Notice the justice statue (complete with scales) on the right, and the heinous lamp (this show has a thing for really ugly lamps) on the left. The desk calendar is full of doodles and notes--I took a close-up picture of the calendar, which I'll post later. I'm not sure who doodled on it, but it's interesting!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Book Review: Solstice Wood

General review--may contain minor spoilers

As I've said before, Patricia A. McKillip is one of my favorite authors. Solstice Wood is a sort of sequel to her novel Winter Rose. It was really jarring to me at first for a couple reasons:

1. Solstice Wood is set in the present, in the U.S., while most of McKillip's books are set in a kind of non-specified fantasy medieval age.

2. Solstice Wood uses first-person narration (which some, but not most, of McKillip's books do) that alternates characters.

However, after I got used to the style, it was easier going. This novel is about the descendents of the Lynn family of Lynn Hall (which was rebuilt in Winter Rose), and how they have always been guardians of the faery magic in the wood around the hall. When a scion of the family returns, it shakes the foundations of the established magical barriers, and opens the wood (and the family) to a closer relationship with its supernatural residents. A good novel, but maybe not McKillip's best. Recommended.

Book Review: Briar Rose

General review--no real spoilers

Briar Rose is part of the Fairy Tale Series (I've been in a fairy-tale mood lately) and was written by Jane Yolen. It combines Sleeping Beauty with the holocaust. This might sound strange, but it's beautifully (and gently) done. Becca, a reporter, travels to Poland after her grandma's death to learn more about her (her family doesn't even know her grandma's real name, or where she came from). Becca follows the clues left in her grandma's rose-carved box and in the Briar Rose story her grandma used to tell her, and pieces together her grandma's past. I enjoyed this book because it combines fairy-tale elements with historical fiction (like Possession, one of my favorite novels). Though it touches on the holocaust--never a happy subject--this book is uplifting and satisfying. It's also a quick read. Recommended.

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

I know that I've already posted two Jason Dohring photos, but there's no such thing as too much Logan...right?

Here's a nice profile shot.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

For today's photo, may I present the smashed-up bus, which is parked on the VM studio lot. I don't know if there's still a rat anywhere on it or not. Notice the cut-out portion on the bus's right side: that's so they could get a camera in there to film some shots for an upcoming episode.

(Minor spoiler alert: Rob said we'll soon get to learn more about the crash victims. I have a great "victim" photo, which I can't post until the episode airs.)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Well, my kittens, do you like the new blog format? I think it's more "me" than the old one. The links will be added back later.

Today's Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day is a little different. When we toured the set, it was interesting to see Keith Mars' bedroom since we rarely see it on screen. (He had a desk with a vintage typewriter on it! So cute!) He had lots of books in his room, and well as the above videos. However, we (briefly) saw Keith's bedroom in last night's episode (the, in my opinion, less-than-stellar "Versatile Toppings"). In honor of that brief glimpse, here's a photo of Keith's video collection. It's mostly old-school horror. The titles, from left to right:
  • Hold That Ghost (Great title!)
  • The Mummy
  • The Wolf Man
  • Psycho
  • Spartacus (I love you, Spartacus)
  • Dracula
  • The Prediction
  • It Came from Outer Space
  • Love in Bloom (Awww!)
  • Frankenstein
  • The Invisible Man
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • The Thing
  • The Invisible Man Returns
  • Give Me a Sailor (Best. Title. Ever! According to IMDB, though, this is a "screwball farce" and not gay porn.)
  • What If...
Anyone want to analyze what Keith's video collection tells us about him?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Favorite Female TV Characters

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now. I have some time this week, so here we go! Below is a list of my favorite female characters on TV.

1. Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica
She's tough, she's sexy, she's a little bit drunk! What I love about Starbuck is she's allowed to be strong and reckless--and even initiate sex--in a way most women on TV are denied. She's quick-tempered and domineering, but she's allowed to get what she wants, and also allowed to be emotional and vulnerable. I love that the show lets her get away with such an extravagant personality and still be feminine and relatable--she very easily could have turned into a stereotypical tomboy. Yeah, I have a total girl crush on her.

2. Veronica on Veronica Mars
Veronica is smart, strong, and determined. She's not perfect--she's stubborn, and sometimes treads on morally shaky ground--but she has a strong sense of justice. She's definitely someone you want on your side.

3. Meredith on Grey's Anatomy
I know Meredith (and her constantly tear-filled eyes) is despised by many, but I really like her. She's a kind of everywoman--she has her strengths (she keeps cool in a crisis, has lots of empathy, and is loyal and caring) and weaknesses (makes bad decisions, and relies too much on her emotions rather than reason) just like everyone does. In other words, she struggles with the same things we all do. I can't wait to see how she (hopefully!) matures and changes in upcoming episodes/seasons.

4. Rory on Gilmore Girls
Keep in mind that I've only seen through season 2. I love Rory because she's allowed to be smart, funny, and caring--and an introvert. She's a stabilizing force for her mom (and grandma), but also her own person.

5. Samantha on Sex and the City
This is cheating a bit, because this show isn't on the air anymore--but it's my blog, so there. I love Samantha for her attitude--she takes what she wants and doesn't care what you think. She's an id run amok.

Others I love: Rousseau on Lost. Laura Roslin on Battlestar. Sharona on Monk (oh wait--she got fired. Yeah, I'm still bitter). Willow on Buffy. Scully on the X-Files.

Who are your favorite female characters?

Why I'm Squeeing Today

* As you all know, tonight is a brand spankin' new Veronica Mars!

* Adam Baldwin is on Bones tonight. I lurve him. (And speaking of Bones, apparently I control the Fox network. Behold, I did email them and tell them to move Bones to 8:00 on Wednesdays, and lo, it was done. Fear my wrath, puny humans! I'm sure it's because of my vast and mighty powers--not because they were going to move it to a less competitive--that is, non-Lost--spot anyway.)

* New America's Next Top Model tonight! Hooray--it's makeover night!

V for Vendetta: Review

My DH went to an advance screeing of V for Vendetta last night (I didn't go; I tend not to enjoy graphic-novel-based movies). But if you're interested, he has a mini review up on his site (and says he'll post more later).

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Remember how I said I didn't have any good photos of Rob Thomas? Yeah. Here's a pretty bad one of him in Duncan's suite in the Neptune Grand. (Sorry, Rob.) Notice the Diet Squirt in his hand. A funny story about the Neptune Grand--there's only one bedroom, so when they shot Logan and Kendall going into Logan's bedroom, they were actually stepping into a hallway. Then they had to change the bedding in Duncan's room and shoot the scene in there.

ETA: And speaking of Rob Thomas, an interview with him is up at Link here. He answers many of the questions I've heard asked about season 2 so far.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Upcoming Veronica Mars Episodes

Here's the official word from UPN about some upcoming episode plots. Contains general summaries, so mild spoilers, but nothing really huge or shocking. I can't wait!
Great news for "Veronica Mars" fans! Starting this Wednesday, UPN will air nine consecutive new episodes of "Veronica Mars."

What's coming up:
Veronica is on the case when someone tries to blackmail the gay students of Neptune High;
Dr. Griffith tells Logan to stay away from his daughter Hannah after he walks in on the two of them cuddling on the couch;
Veronica tries to track down a runaway bride, who happens to be Wallace's new girlfriend's sister;
Aaron Echolls meets with Kendall Casablancas and asks if she can get into Logan's hotel suite;
And Veronica runs into her ex-boyfriend, Troy (guest star Aaron Ashmore), when taking a college tour with Wallace.

Also, Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat of "Arrested Development" guest star.

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Here's me in the entryway of the school. Pirate Pride!

Monday, March 13, 2006

TV Tidbits

* New Veronica Mars this week! *does the VM happy dance* I'm doubly excited since this is the first new episode since my return from Neptune. I can't wait to see what happens next.

* I didn't know Without a Trace had a sense of humor until I saw last week's joke episode. The last scene, with the cops and the mafia bowling together, still makes me smile.

* I finally saw the Cold Case starring Tessa Thompson (Jackie on VM). I think it's my all-time favorite episode (though I was sobbing at the end. Damn you Cold Case! You always manage to reduce me to tears). Tessa was wonderful in the role, and I loved the poetry reading in the graveyard at the end.

* Monk on Friday (Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist) was chock full of HoYay! Now I see where the Disher-Stottlemeyer slash comes from. (Seriously, Randy writes a song and mentions Stottlemeyer's mustache! And that's twice today I've made a post and mentioned someone's mustache. I'm done for the day.)

Battlestar Galactica--Season Finale

What is your response to this Friday's season finale?

Mine is mostly...what? Huh?

My brain couldn't process things that quickly. (Though I had to chuckle over the reappearance of Adama's '70s porn mustache.) I thought the ending felt rushed, though maybe I'm just digging my heels in over the change in the plot and the characters? Not sure. But I'd love to hear your opinions.

ETA: One thing I did like, though, was Six using the nuke. That was a beautiful yet heartbreaking scene.

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Here I am sitting at Papa Mars' desk, looking through his files. (There actually were papers in the files, but I don't remember what they said.) Note the fish tank (with real fish) in the background, and the stained "glass" windows, which help give the show its yellow noir lighting.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

BONUS! I'm giving you THREE VM photos today.

Here's a great photo of duckyxdale in Veronica's "office"--the school's bathroom...

...and here's the wall of the bathroom (to ducky's right), complete with grafitti. The green and blue tile, the dirty counters--this really looks like an authentic high school bathroom...

...and finally, in the same bathroom, here's the "Jackie Cook" grafitti from "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough." (The stalls are behind ducky, to his left, in the first photo.)

I'll be taking the weekend off, but I'll post another Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day on Monday.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

America's Next Top Model: Cycle 6 Is Here!

Last night was the two-hour premier of my number-one guilty pleasure. Yes, it's shallow. Yes, it's conflict-based TV, which I usually hate. Yes, what we see has been manipulated by the producers to jerk around our emotions.

But I love it.

This may be the cattiest, bitchiest, most judgmental thing I've ever written, but here we go!

My analysis of the girls so far:
Sara: What a great photo! She's definitely an amazon, and one of my favorites.
Brooke: Her photo was horrible, but I love hippie chicks. I thought her beauty shots that they took for elimination were great.
Danielle: Great photo; the gap between her front teeth bugs me.
Furonda: She really does look like an alien in her photo! Hee. But I'm glad she wasn't eliminated yet--she seems spunky.
Gina: What a complete airhead. I hope she leaves soon.
Jade: Wow, ego much? Seriously. I'd be happy if both she and Gina left next week--though I do want to see Tyra slap Jade down first, and I understand they need to keep the "bitchy girl" around to cause drama in the house. (Miss J's comments about her looking like a drag queen were hysterical, though.)
Joanie: Another great photo. Not sure if I like her yet or not, though.
Kari: Cheesecake! She looks like a porn star. (That's not a bad thing, mind--she's very pretty, but not in a "modelly" kind of way.) I think her lips look crooked in her photo.
Kathy: So, so glad she's gone. I thought she was the weakest of the girls.
Mollie Sue: I think she's beautiful. I think she's going to be the girl that keeps hearing "you have no personality" or "you show no emotion" each week from the judges.
Leslie: She's gorgeous; not sure what I think of her yet.
Nnenna: She's superhuman; she's amazing; she should be a model already. Perfection. Seriously, they should just give her the prize now.
Wendy: I think she also is beautiful--I love her morose, deep eyes. Her photo wasn't the best, though--but I think she'll do better in upcoming weeks.

And now I think I need to take a shower to wash the dirty judgment off my skin.

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Number 3 of 3 of my photos of Veronica's room!

As promised, here's a picture of Veronica's photo wall (in her bedroom). One of Veronica's hobbies is photography, and some of these photos are quite striking. (You can click on the picture to see it enlarged.) Below this bulletin board is a smaller desk with some photography equipment on it (which you can vaguely make out in yesterday's photo of Veronica's main desk).

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Here's a photo of what's on Veronica's desk. It looks very "Ikea Teenage Girl" to me, which I guess is appropriate. Oh, and there are many photos of Lilly--also appropriate. (If you click on the photo, you can see it larger.)

ETA: Items on her desk, from left to right:
A stack of notebooks
A flower pen (I love this!)
A green tape dispenser (?)
A green plastic paperclip dispenser (?)
A pink candle
A photo of Veronica and someone blond (Lilly? Her mom?)
A decorative floral picture (in a gorgeous frame)
A heinous lamp
A yellow pencil holder
A tall pink candle
A photo of a strange man (I suspect he's one of the crew members!)
A yellow mystery tube! (Candle?)
A photo of someone (Veronica?) and Lilly
A photo of Lilly
A red round thing (paperweight?)
A green (fabric?) box
Another heinous lamp--this one is orange
Some red plastic office-supply thingies
A tape dispenser

I think that's it! Do you see anything different?

In the background is Veronica's "Photo" wall--where she hangs the photos she's taken. I have a picture of this, too, which I'll share with you. It's really interesting.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The 4400 Upcoming Season

Anyone else watch the 4400? I really like it, though I think I liked first season better than second season. Thirteen new episodes start on June 4! This article (from talks about the upcoming season, with some minor spoilers.

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Here's a picture of me rummaging through Veronica's closet. (How rude!) It's filled with tiny little outfits. Tomorrow I'll post a close-up picture of what's on Veronica's desk.

Book Review: To Charles Fort, with Love

Contains spoilers (story descriptions)
By Caitlin R. Kiernan

Caitlyn Kiernan is another of my favorite authors. She's definitely my favorite horror writer. I love her combination of Lovecraftian mosters, strange science, and muddled humanity. She doesn't overwrite or overexplain, either, but rather depends on mood and subtle unease. This is a collection of short stories, which in my opinion is her best genre.

First, this book is for Charles Fort, a turn-of-the-century American writer whose "study of anomalous phenomena is frequently misunderstood and misrepresented. For over 30 years, Charles Fort sat in the libraries of New York and London, assiduously reading scientific journals, newspapers, and magazines, collecting notes upon phenomena that lay outside the accepted theories and beliefs of the time" (Wikipedia). In other words, Fort wrote about (and maybe--or maybe not--believed in) the supernatural. Some of his topics: beings on Mars were controlling events on Earth; there's a Super-Sargasso Sea into which all lost things go; and there's a sinister civilization that exists at the South Pole. His writings were bizarre, absurd, and completely ahead of his time. Kiernan's stories are more sane, but touch many of the same topics.

What follows is not a typical review; rather, I'm going to make some notes and observations on the stories, which will probably be incomprehensible to other people (sorry). This will be a record for me to look back on when I reread the book (which I'm sure I will) in a year or two. I'll be able to see how my opinions have changed (or not changed).

Valentia: A lot of Kiernan's work is very Lovecraft influenced, and this is no exception. Great mood piece, but I was unclear if the girl shot herself or the scientist in the end. (Or does it matter?)
Spindleshanks: I wonder if this is a NOLA or voodoo legend? A quick google search turns up nothing on the name "spindleshanks" (other than the obvious "spindly legged"). Very terse story (in a good way).
So Runs the World Away: The first of the Children of the Cuckoo stories. Named after brood parasite birds, or some other (Lovecraftian?) meaning? Not sure.
Standing Water: This is a good story, but hard for me to read because it's so derivitive of Koja. (Kiernan does acknowledge her in the afterword, though.)
La Mer des Reves: Totally incomprehensible to me.
The Road of Pins: First introduces the paintings of Mr. Perrault (repeated elsewhere?), and ties them together with a mysterious video tape. Evocative.
Onion: An "other worlds" story. Liked it, but the ending was a bit abrupt.
Apokatastasis: Probably the most frightening of all the stories. Ties to Perrault?
La Peau Verte: Kiernan says this is her favorite story to date, and I couldn't agree more. This one actually quotes Fort, and ties in the Green Fairy (absinthe) with childhood (maybe real?) fairies and a missing sister.
The Dead and the Moonstruck: The other Cuckoo story. I'm not totally enamoured with the Cuckoo stories--I prefer the ones about humans caught in the supernatural.
The Dandridge Cycle: These three stories are absolutely fabulous. There's just the right amount of explanation--but not too much--and the right amount of horror and disgust. It's a good combination of the Chtulhu mythos and a haunted house story, with a twisted family thrown in for good measure.
#1--A Redress for Andromeda: Set in modern times. No Perseus for this Andromeda, but there are gold coins and the awe of humans (which she needs and despises).
#2--Nor the Demons Down Under the Sea: Set in 1957. The old house by the sea has grown twisted and evil.
#3--Andromeda Among the Stones: Set (mostly) in 1915. The origin story or a power-hungry and destructive father, the mother and brother who fail to stop his plans, and the daughter who eventually closes the door between two worlds.

At first, I didn't like this book as much as I liked Tales of Pain and Wonder. However, though I miss the interweaving narratives in Tales, the stories in To Charles Fort are more mature and polished, and probably better crafted.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

This is the front of Neptune High School! Note the flagpole (complete with Pirate flag) in the foreground. Through the door is a metal detector, and then the main hall of the high school (with Veronica's "office"--the bathroom--off to the left).

There's a yellow bench to the left of this photo; over the bench, you can just barely see the Lilly Kane memorial.

Where I'm standing to take the picture is the outside of the Neptune High cafeteria. A lot of scenes take place here--it's the area with the yellow and red mesh tables.

Book Review: Winter Rose

General review--no real spoilers
By Patricia A. McKillip

Patricia McKillip is one of my favorite authors--possibly my all-time favorite. Her fantasy is dreamy and ethereal, with stunning language (it's not often I pause to repeat or savor a phrase in any book, like I do with one of McKillip's. That sounds pretentious, but it's true--her writing is very effective). I reread this title (since it's been many years since I first read it) because her latest book, Solstice Wood, is kind of a sequel.

At its core, Winter Rose is a Tam Lin story (better plot summaries can be found on Amazon). Its conflict is between two sisters, and between two worlds (the human and faery). The main character, Rois, is skittish and wild, spending her days barefoot in the woods--until she meets a man who is trapped by the faery queen, and gets ensnared in the same trap. Highly recommended.

Book Review: Protector of the Small Quartet

General review--no real spoilers

The "Protector of the Small" quartet contains four books: First Test, Page, Squire, and Lady Knight
By Tamora Pierce

Though these books don't cover any new ground, and though I still think the Alanna books are the best in the Tortall series, I really enjoyed this series and would recommend it to anyone looking for female-friendly fantasy. The basic plot: Kel, a girl, wants to become a knight--and though it's now possible for girls to go through the training (thanks to Lady Knight Alanna), no girl has ever tried. (And obviously, by the title of the books, Kel succeeds, though she goes through many trials and hardships along the way.)

My favorite parts of the series: the main character is a strong person, yet she can learn and grow through the series; she has a special bond with animals (and there are lots of cats, horses, and birds in the book--which I adore); the books are very sex-friendly; and there's great continuity with Pierce's previous Tortall books. The fourth book is much darker and "older" than the other three, which is fitting because the character (and possibly the audience) is more mature, and also because it was being written when 9/11 happened. The author lives in NY, and she writes about the effects of 9/11 on this book in the afterword.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Here's a photo of Percy, with Rob Thomas in the foreground. (Remember how I said I didn't have a good photo of Rob? Yeah. Here's a charming one of him eating. Sorry, Rob.)

Percy came to chat with us a bit while we were eating lunch. He was friendly, and his hair looks great in person. (I love Wallace's fluffy hair.)

I'll be taking the weekend off from blogging, but make sure you come back Monday for another Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day! (I have so many more good photos to share.)

Dialogue You Will Never Hear on Veronica Mars (but I'd like to)

Duncan: Veronica, we need to talk. I know I've been acting like a jerk lately, and I'd like to explain a bit. You see, I've been having a tough time lately. When Lilly was murdered, I couldn't remember what happened, and I thought I might be the killer--or if not me, one (or both) of my parents. Also, I lost the love of my life--you--because I thought you were my sister. And my ___ [insert name of medical condition here. Epilepsy? Bi-polar disease?] had a relapse, which made my behavior a bit...erratic. But trust me, Veronica, I never meant to hurt you, and I will always love you. I started dating Meg to ease my pain a bit, and though I will always love her as a sister, you are the true love of my life. Please forgive me. Oh, and I didn't sleep with Kendall.


Logan: Eli, we need to talk.
Weevil: Haven't we done enough talking? Kiss me!
[They kiss. HoYay!]


Meg's Doctors: We were wrong--Meg's not pregnant. She's just, uh, bloated from her injuries. Also, on behalf of the show's writers, we'd like to apologize for the whole "coma baby" plot. As a gesture of their good will, the writers promise to include more scenes with Backup in them next season. (And there will be a next season.)


Well, my kittens? Is there any Veronica Mars dialogue that you're dying to hear?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Love Dick? Love Beaver? Either way, I have a photo for you!

Ryan and Kyle obviously get along very well. They were screwing around together off camera all day. (Insert Dick 'n' Beaver joke here, hee.)

Thursday Round Up

A few random comments from this week's TV viewing.

Next Wednesday will be A Good Day. It's the season finale of the horse show I love (Horse Power on Animal Planet), and the season premier of cycle 6 of America's Next Top Model! Squee! Catfights and genetically-gifted women! (Deb, mark your calendar!)

Medium: Gee, Joe, could you be a little sensitive about your wife's previous miscarriage? Yeah, it was a long time ago, but you don't have to yell at her about it. Also, they must be the only people in all of Phoenix with grass (GREEN grass, for that matter) in their backyard.

Grey's Anatomy: Poor, poor George. It's time to get over Meredith. You're better off with Dr. Spine-Cracker.

In all the Veronica Mars excitment, I've been totally slacking on my book reviews--I have several, which will be posted next week.

Lost (contains minor spoilers from last night): I really liked this episode. We actually learned things about the island! And it totally reinforces my opinion that the lostaways really, really need to explore the island a bit. Some random thoughts:
  • *Alex looked like a, uh, prettier PJ Harvey to me.
  • *I love how this episode was women-centric. However, I suspect that the only reason Kate went with Claire is to make us a bit more sympathetic to Kate. I'm not a Kate hater, but there are a lot of them out there--maybe we were supposed to see her gentler side?
  • *I totally want a Rousseau flashback! I love any scene with her in it.
  • *I like how the flashbacks this week were to something that happened on the island. That was a nice twist.
  • *Ethan is even creepier when he's being charming. *shudder*
  • *I'm tired of the whole Jack vs. Locke thing, but they've been setting this up since the end of last season, so I guess we have to see a bit more of it. sigh.
  • *The medical-Dharma bunker reminded my DH of a video game. "Loot!" he kept shouting. "Look behind you!" Hee.
  • *Looks like all you TWOPers were right about Zeke's facial hair being different (bushier!) this year than last. Funny!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Veronica Mars Photo o' the Day!

Here it is: the photo o' the day. This one is for all you fangirls.

Jason is much handsomer in person than on screen. He's also taller than I thought he'd be.

And I've already said several times how nice he smelled, so I won't go into that again. No, really, I won't.

Veronica Mars Bloggers' Press Day: Impressions and General Squees

The other bloggers that attended (links at right under "Veronica Mars Bloggers") have already written excellent and thorough reviews of our day, so I'm not going to be too long winded. But here are some of my impressions and squees.

*Kristen Bell is luminous and--even though she dislikes this label--really, really cute. She's tiny. She was very friendly and willing to talk to us, even though it was between filming and she couldn't stay long. She mentioned that the Maxim photos, which everyone seems to be in a tizzy over, were a business decision. (For the record, I think they're beautiful.)

I don't think Veronica Mars (the character) has ever smiled like this.

*I didn't get any good photos of Rob Thomas! He was always gesturing or moving. He was very enthusiastic and seemed very happy to show us around. He clearly loves the show and characters. He says episodes 17, 18, and 19 of this season will be really good. His defense of Duncan: he's an Ethan Frome/Hamlet character, paralyzed by his inability to act.

*The Lilly Kane fountain uses a poem stolen from the show Freaks and Geeks (used in that show for a dead dog).

*Ryan Hansen is funny and extremely high energy; a true extrovert. When asked who Dick was pestering that day, he answered "Veronica," and then told us one of the lines he had to say (which I won't repeat). "Isn't that NASTY?" he asked, with a combination of glee and horror. (And I think glee and horror are perfect adjectives for Dick.) He and Kyle Gallner were messing around quite a bit (off camera). It's obvious they get along really well. Kyle is also very friendly.

The long-lost Casablancas sister, Sheila, poses with her brothers.

*Ryan Hansen's hair is really soft. (Don't ask how I know that.)

*We saw Percy Daggs briefly. His mom was with him, and she was obviously so proud of her son. It was really cute. Percy seems friendly, though we didn't talk to him for very long. His mom was an extra in the episode where Wallace sings--she was in the back, reading a newspaper.

*There were lots of extras on the set that day, acting as high school students. It was interesting to watch them fake conversations in the background of the main scene, and take directions about when to walk "casually" across the courtyard, etc.

*Speaking of scenes, it's amazing an episode gets filmed in 8 days. It took almost 2 hours to practice, block, and then shoot a very short scene (I'd guess under 60 seconds) between Beaver and Veronica. Plus they had to do multiple takes, or pause whenever an airplane flew overhead.

*Touring the make-up trailer was interesting because it was covered with casual, funny polaroids of the actors. We weren't allowed to take any photos, but here are some examples: Jackie making fish lips and crossing her eyes. Lilly Kane, with bloody-head make-up, laughing and waving. Meg wearing a "Baby on Board" T-shirt. Dick and Beaver posing with Santa Claus (which the actors did at Christmas, apparently).

*Touring the costume trailer was also interesting because of the sheer mass of clothing it contained: some for the extras, and some with the characters' names written on dividing hangers.

*Jason Dohring seems very intense but quiet. He says he enjoys his "snarky" scenes, and also enjoys working with Harry Hamlin and Francis Capra. He says Kristen Bell brings a real honesty to her scenes that is really nice to work with, also. He was good about eye contact. And he smelled really good, also. *fans self*

Ladies and gentlemen: the money shot.

*It was fascinating to see the different sets. The high school looked like a real high school--the bathroom even had the Jackie graffiti in it! We also saw Java the Hut, the Mars' apartment (including Keith's seldom-seen bedroom), the Mars' office, the big crane thingy where the PCHers hang out, the police station, and the Neptune Grand.

*I'm very proud of myself because I managed not to squee out loud or lick any of the actors. Hooray for my self restraint!

*I'll be posting a Veronica Mars picture of the day all this week (and probably next as well). I have tons of great photos to show you. (But don't worry--no spoilers for upcoming episodes.)