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Monday, March 20, 2006

Book Review: Solstice Wood

General review--may contain minor spoilers

As I've said before, Patricia A. McKillip is one of my favorite authors. Solstice Wood is a sort of sequel to her novel Winter Rose. It was really jarring to me at first for a couple reasons:

1. Solstice Wood is set in the present, in the U.S., while most of McKillip's books are set in a kind of non-specified fantasy medieval age.

2. Solstice Wood uses first-person narration (which some, but not most, of McKillip's books do) that alternates characters.

However, after I got used to the style, it was easier going. This novel is about the descendents of the Lynn family of Lynn Hall (which was rebuilt in Winter Rose), and how they have always been guardians of the faery magic in the wood around the hall. When a scion of the family returns, it shakes the foundations of the established magical barriers, and opens the wood (and the family) to a closer relationship with its supernatural residents. A good novel, but maybe not McKillip's best. Recommended.


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