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Monday, March 06, 2006

Book Review: Winter Rose

General review--no real spoilers
By Patricia A. McKillip

Patricia McKillip is one of my favorite authors--possibly my all-time favorite. Her fantasy is dreamy and ethereal, with stunning language (it's not often I pause to repeat or savor a phrase in any book, like I do with one of McKillip's. That sounds pretentious, but it's true--her writing is very effective). I reread this title (since it's been many years since I first read it) because her latest book, Solstice Wood, is kind of a sequel.

At its core, Winter Rose is a Tam Lin story (better plot summaries can be found on Amazon). Its conflict is between two sisters, and between two worlds (the human and faery). The main character, Rois, is skittish and wild, spending her days barefoot in the woods--until she meets a man who is trapped by the faery queen, and gets ensnared in the same trap. Highly recommended.


Blogger Hedwig said...

Hi Sheila ! At present Winter Rose is my most favourite book .... just loved it .

3/10/2006 2:39 PM  

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