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Friday, March 31, 2006

Lost Speculation!

See--I *am* capable of writing about other things besides Veronica Mars (even though the tiny blond one does hold my heart in her cute little hands).

Some comments and speculation from Wednesday's episode of Lost:

  • Oooh, the woman who was buying the house that Locke inspected: was she Sayid's girlfriend (Nadia)? And was the house in Hurley's neighborhood (where he bought that swanky house for his mom)?
  • I love the title "Lockdown"! It works on so many levels. (But we still don't know how Locke ended up in the wheelchair--augh!)
  • Is Locke's dad the "real Sawyer"--the person who screwed up Island-Sawyer's family? Seems likely. Locke's dad has done at least two cons that we know of.
  • Holy cow--were the glowing scribbles on the wall a map of the other hatches? Seems like it. I hope we see them again. (Screencap here; with comments here and here--the best one is here. Lostpedia analysis here--more than you ever wanted to know!)
  • Dharma food parachute drops! That solves the question of how Desmond got supplies. (Dharma mac 'n' cheese....mmmm. Hopefully next it'll be Dharma-Os with meatballs.) Why didn't anyone see the airplane (or whatever) the supplies were dropped from? Was it "dropped" from somewhere on the island?
  • Why didn't Locke just try to go through the vent to start with, instead of trying to lift the steel door?
  • Kate: "Should I get a ruler?" Hee. Good line.
  • Locke's father had an Oceanic Airlines flight bag when he left the Motel. (Can anyone confirm this?) Also, the plane taking off in the background had an Oceanic logo on it.
  • The fake Henry Gale--soooo creepy (and such good make-up!). Excellent acting.
  • Who buried the real Henry Gale? And did he die in the balloon crash?
  • Anyone else think Sawyer let Jack win all those poker games?

So many daddy issues on this show.


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