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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Rob Thomas/Jason Dohring Interview

Photo courtesy of the TV Whore.

(Fairly mild, but you've been warned.)

For the full text, read Polter-Cow's write-up of the interview, or comice's.

However, here are some of the highlights and things that I found interesting.

  • Even if Neptune incorporates (and we'll know "soon," says Rob, if it will), we'll get to keep Sheriff Lamb. Yay!
  • The season finale will have "real action." It will be big with "lots of geography." (Ooh!) And we will get to see graduation this season.
  • Make sure to leave your comments about next year's mystery: should it be one big one, like in seasons 1 and 2, or broken into three smaller mysteries?
  • Wallace and Logan will have scenes together soon! (They'll work on a class project together.) This is the first time since the car-smashy scene in season 1.
  • Jason let it drop that Hannah is in only 3 episodes. Oops! So I guess she really is in boarding school. Buh-bye!


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