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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Three Movie Reviews

Over the weekend I watched three movies. Here are brief reviews.

Brokeback Mountain
I expected to love this movie; what could be better than two hot guys falling in love? I expected it to be romantic and I expected to cry. Actually, I didn't like it. I thought Heath Ledger's character was a passive-aggressive, emotionally stunted jerk, and Jake Gyllenhaal's character was unstable and shallow. I didn't sense any real love between them, and I'm not sure why they were attracted to each other. I was most sympathetic to their wives (who I thought handled themselves well--I would have kicked Heath Ledger in the nuts). Oh, and it was slow moving. Pretty scenery does not a good movie make.

High School Musical
As I said last week, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I really enjoyed the scene where the basketball players were singing and dancing around with basketballs (enjoyed as in I laughed and laughed). I have no idea why this is so popular--it's totally bland, cleansed of any real emotions, and completely uncomplicated. It's the ultimate G-rated movie, really.

Princess Mononoke
The best of the three I watched, in my opinion! This is the tale of a prince outcast from his tribe because he was infected by a demon, and his quest to find the great Forest Spirit whose blood can cure his infection. Along the way he meets a girl raised by wolves (the title character), a scheming monk, and a queen in a city whose destroying the surrounding forest with her industrialization. Like My Neighbor Totoro, the message here is to respect and honor nature--and at the end, all the characters reach that conclusion. I like Totoro better because of the cute factor, but this is just as good as Spirited Away.


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