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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Veronica Mars: The Quick and the Wed--My Response

Love, love, love! A great episode all around. Good Mystery of the Week, and actual progress on solving the bus-crash mystery.

What I loved:
  • Vinnie AND Cliff in one episode? *sigh* They were both fabulous.
  • Logan overhearing Hannah's mom telling her not to trust him; he realizes Hannah does trust him, and starts to actually feel bad. That's right, the psychotic asshole starts to feel...guilt. (I wonder if Hannah is as innocent as she seems? All signs point to yes, she is--but maybe she's partially using Logan, also, to "rebel" against her parents?)
  • Kendall! And Aaron Echolls! Together! Also, I loved Aaron's overacting in the "True Hollywood Stories" show. So melodramatic! And also so creepy. (It sounds like he's gonna get off for the murder! Eek!) EDIT: If Aaron and Kendall joined forces, they could take over the world. In a totally evil way, of course.
  • Hannah: "You lose a nipple!" Hee.
  • Dick: "Must be all those tossed salads." OMG! Uh, censors? Are you awake?
  • We learn more about Jane, and can start to like her a bit.

Some questions I have:
  • Why has no one mentioned that it's WOODY'S hanger, not Cook's???
  • What the heck was Kendall doing in Duncan/Logan's shower? Some people have said getting a hair; some said dropping a bug. I'll look more closely when I rewatch tonight. EDIT: On rewatch, I saw that she was getting out a pair of tweezers and taking a hair from the drain. Uh, eww. Of course, the question is, was she going for some of Logan's DNA (Aaron did say go to "my son's room)," or was she going for Duncan's (which I hope to God would be long gone by now)?
  • I hope that Beaver has a back-up plan in, maybe I should say when...Kendall tries to run off with his money/company. Also, does anyone else think that Beaver might be up to something...a little bit illegal? A real-estate scam of some kind? (It must run in the family.) EDIT: On rewatch, I think it's pretty clear that Beaver is getting scammed, not doing the scamming. He said he was getting a good deal on real estate--then realizes later that people are dumping their future non-incorporated properties onto him, which will become a crime-ridden slum when Neptune incorporates and will become worthless. Ouch. Poor Beaver. Hopefully he'll be able to blame it on Kendall.
What did you think?


Blogger TVFan said...

I rewatched that scene with Kendall and I think she took one of Duncan's hairs to use to frame him for Lilly's murder. I'm curious to see if you agree after rewatching it. I remember Aaron saying in the beginning of the episode that the police should look closer at Duncan, so that would back up the frame-up idea. I can't wait to see how this unfolds!

3/23/2006 11:48 AM  
Blogger John said...

Damn, went to bed too early last night. Looks like they got the plot(s) going somethig fierce.

And yeah, I'm also a bit wary that it happens to be Woody's hanger that all this was taking place. Which is odd since Woody wanted Keith to win the sheriff race to handle the bus crash investigation...if I remember right.

Plus, um, isn't C4 traceable? I know that C4 has been tagged with markers so investigators can backtrace who ordered it.

3/23/2006 12:55 PM  
Blogger Scooter said...

It's definatly Duncan's shower, that's why they showed his pictures as each room has it's own shower so she's after Duncan's DNA. I assume it's her back sratching for Aaron helping out with some capital.

3/26/2006 7:49 PM  

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