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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Veronica Mars TeleConference with Rob Thomas and Jason Dohring

Date: Tuesday March 28, 5:00 PM Pacific

Barring any technical difficulties, I'm going to participate in an online Veronica Mars TeleConference with Rob Thomas and Jason Dohring. (Keep in mind: my computer may explode due to Logan's powers of psychotic asshole-ness. Or due to my own ineptness.)

But assuming I can get all the hardware to work, what would you like me to ask Rob and/or Jason? What I'm planning to ask so far:

Rob: How did teaching high school influence the world of Neptune High? (I'm an ex-teacher, so I'm interested in his thoughts. I think Neptune is one of the "realer" high schools on TV.)

Jason: Duh....drool....gahhhh..... (At this point I'll probably pass out.)

Send me your questions, my kittens!


Blogger Rae said...


See, you have a good intelligent question to ask Rob. Why can't I come up with those?! Actually, this is a chance to ask the question I keep not asking him.

As for Jason... yeah, well. There will just be silence from my end of the line when it comes to him.

3/22/2006 12:09 PM  

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