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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another Rob Thomas Interview

An interview with Rob Thomas from TV Guide.


The mysteries are piling up on UPN's Veronica Mars, and fans want to know: What was Kendall up to in that shower? Will Logan's lost love, Hannah, return to Neptune? And what will next season be about? In an exclusive Q&A, Mars creator Rob Thomas addresses these and many other burning questions submitted by readers.

Question: Maybe you can clear something up for us fans. Was Kendall planting or removing something from the shower [in last week's episode, "The Rapes of Graff"]? And was that Duncan's or Logan's shower? — Margaret
Rob Thomas:
Duncan's shower. (We tried to make that clear with the photos of Duncan and Veronica at the beginning of the shot, but they did go by rather quickly.) She was in the act of removing.

Question: I just finished watching "The Rapes of Graff" (loved it). Is that the last time we'll see Hannah and Troy? — Elizabeth
No one's ever really dead on Veronica Mars. Even when they're dead.

Question: You hinted that it was possible for a die-hard fan, which I am, to guess next year's mystery. But could you point me in the right direction? — Laurie
I can't — or rather, I won't. I don't want to confirm anything to anyone. Just ask yourself what case seems a bit unresolved that we may reasonably come back to next year.

Question: I've been watching since the beginning of Season 1, but I'm not sure I've ever heard what PCH stands for. Can you clear this up? — Alicia
Happy to. PCH stands for Pacific Coast Highway, a stretch of highway that runs along the California coast. Not the fastest way to get anywhere, but stretches of it are amazingly beautiful. The full name for the gang is the PCH Bike Club. They are PCHers for short.

Question: Will we see Veronica's mom again? — Anita

Question: I think I remember you saying in an interview that Veronica would go to the prom, but only for a short time. Who does she go with? Please tell me it's Weevil. I see them going together, not as a date but to prove who killed Felix or to deal with the Fitzpatricks... like a "cover" date. — Kerry
There will be a version of prom, but I don't want to spoil it for everyone. I just saw the first cut of our "prom" stuff, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I think the fans will dig it.

Question: I love your show and never miss it. How cool that the tour guide at Hearst College [in "The Rapes of Graff"] said he was from Wheaton, Illinois — that's where I'm from. What made you pick it? — Diane-Audrey
I did not, in fact, pick Wheaton, Illinois. John Enbom, the episode's writer, chose it. I'd ask him, but it's 6 am and no one's in the office yet.

Question: When are we going to see Keith and Wallace's mom together again? — Kathleen
You'll see them in a scene together in the finale, but I'm not sure that's going to be the kind of "together" you seem to be hoping for.

Question: Would you ever consider continuing Veronica's story in a novelization form? — Heather
Yes. We're in discussions about this right now.

Question: I may have missed it, but why is Eli's nickname "Weevil"? — J.S.
We've never explained this. To tell you the truth, I named him Weevil for the pilot, because I liked the sound of it — it rhymed with "evil," after all. A couple episodes later, I needed to give him a "real" name, and "Eli" contained letters in "Weevil," so that's what it became.


Blogger John said...

Er, VM novels. Interesting, but maybe the wrong way. They can't have the novel be so big and revelatory, since not all the viewers will read it, and the show might refer back to the novel, giving the viewers a sort of blind spot. I wonder how they will handle any continuity issues.

4/05/2006 12:47 PM  

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