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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Scoops on Your Favorite TV Shows!

I'm back *cough cough* and mostly better. I'm shamelessly filching the below scoops from this week's "Ask Ausiello."

CONTAINS SPOILERS--Don't read if you don't want to know!

Question: What happened to Vincent on Lost? Last we knew, Shannon was taking care of him.

Ausiello: Get that packing slip ready, Brent: We'll see Vincent in next week's episode and then again in the finale.

Question: You said that last week's episode of Lost would reveal a surprising link between Locke and Sawyer. What happened?

Ausiello: A line of dialogue was excised to make the link more subtle. But trust me — it's there.

Question: Somehow, I don't think that it is a coincidence that Locke's father was a con man just like Sawyer.

Ausiello: See— I told you it was there.

Question: I shall now ask the question that everyone has been asking: WTF has happened with Michael and Walt? When will their hiatus end?

Ausiello: Didn't I already tell you guys we'd see Michael again during May sweeps? And I'm guessing where there's Michael, there's Walt.


Convince me in 43 words to start watching Veronica Mars. Ready? Go!

Ausiello: 1) Kristen 2) Bell 3) Enrico 4) Colantoni 5) Kristen 6) Bell 7) Jason 8) Dohring 9) Kristen 10) Bell 11) Kristen 12) Bell 13) Kristen 14) Bell 15) You 16) Might 17) See 18) Blushing 19) Guy 20) Again 21) Kristen 22) Bell 23) Clever 24) Writing 25) Kristen 26) Bell 27) Kristen 28) Bell 29) Kristen 30) Bell 31) Kristen 32) Bell 33) Kristen 34) Bell 35) Kristen 36) Bell 37) Kristen 38) Bell 39) Kristen 40) Bell 41) Kristen 42) Bell 43) VinnieVanLowe. How's that? Oh, and you might want to start with tonight's episode, which Rob Thomas tells me "may be our best of the year, so far. It narrowly edges out last week's." And last week's was damn near perfect, if you ask me.

THE 4400
I'd like some scoop on The 4400.

Ausiello: Wouldn't we all? We're going to meet a woman named Sara who claims to be Maia's sister. But she may have a secret agenda. (And no, this is not the top-secret role that Tippi Hedren will be playing.)


Can you give me any new scoop on House?!

Ausiello: In the May 23 season finale, Dr. Buguphisass is confronted by a patient he wronged in the past.

Any Supernatural news?

Ausiello: We're going to get Meg's backstory soon. And the season finale is essentially a three-part episode airing April 20 and 27 and May 4, which finds the Winchester clan (including Papa John, played by Grey's Anatomy's Denny) going after the demon that killed their mother. When they discover that the beast is planning to strike again, they set a trap that goes horribly wrong.


This is one desperate fan here! I want my Desperate Housewives scoop!

Ausiello: The finale script is still being tweaked, but I have it on good authority that one Housewife will find out her spouse is an adulterer and another will discover she's expecting. And neither one will take the news well.


Blogger John said...

For DH, I'm guessing it will be Bree who is preggers and the blond working mom who learns her co-worker hubby is the cheater.

As for House, you mean there's only one patient he's wrong in the past? Just one?

And I wonder if Kendall was getting DNA from Duncan to frame him for his sister's murder, which would raise all sorts of scandal and have Daddy Echolls out, free, and after VM.

4/05/2006 12:52 PM  

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