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Thursday, April 27, 2006

So, So Tired

Last night, my darling husband and I went to a Massive Attack concert. It was good, but the other concert-goers seemed to have no concept of personal space, and I think I'm still a little buzzed from all the, uh, fumes in the theater. So don't expect any brilliant blog entries from me today.

I'm carefully avoiding all TV blogs because I don't want to be spoiled about who was booted from ANTM last night. (Crossing my fingers it was Jade.)

Also, I'll write about this week's Veronica Mars (Look Who's Stalking) when I've had a chance to rewatch it. (Drunk Logan--so funny, so heartbreaking. Loved that Veronica totally pwned Madison about Lamb. Oh, and I loved Dick's piggy keg, too.)


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