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Friday, May 12, 2006

Evil Beaver

Two thoughts on Cassidy Casablancas/Evil Beaver:

1. After reading TWOP yesterday, many people mentioned that, in "A Trip to the Dentist" from season one, after Veronica confronts Cassidy about raping her, he gives her retreating back a sinister look. I rewatched last night, and he does indeed give her a look. (Kyle Gallner is very good at evil looks! *shudder*) Is this proof that the writers, like they said, had Evil Beaver planned all along? (By the way, I was always disappointed with the resolution of the rape from last year, and I remember a lot of other people were too. I wonder, if the writers really had known that Cassidy was the rapist, if Rob had to really bite his tongue all year when he heard this criticism?)

2. Come to think of it, if evil looks are clues, we've been given one every week all year. In the opening credits there are two shots of Cassidy: one of him looking shy and sweet, and one of Evil Beaver. A hint? (If so, it's pretty blatant, and pretty funny that it was there. all. along.)


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