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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Season Finale Round-Up

I said I wasn't going to update this week...but here I am! Updating, and telling you about my responses to the season finales I haven't written about yet.

1. Medium. I loved the grandma, hated Allison's dream husband more than I hate her "real" husband, and liked the cleverness of the hired twin-sister witness.

2. Cold Case. Seriously, Joseph didn't die? I soooo thought he was gonna die. Lilly can't be happy, can she?! It'll be interesting to see what they do with this relationship next season. Gotta love a guy with cats, though.

3. Without a Trace. Zzzzzz. Jack's girlfriend lived? Don't care. Jack got shot? Really don't care. (Unless he died. Then I'd be mildly happy because I wouldn't have to look at his LIPLESS FACE anymore.)

4. Desperate Housewives. I'm very close to quitting this show, except for one thing: Kyle MacLachlan. I'm interested in seeing how his character develops. (Though, a crazy guy running over someone then flirting with Bree? Haven't we already had that character?) Things that made me grind my teeth about the finale: Bree locked in a psych hospital (seriously, people, this isn't the 19th century). Tom's crazy baby-momma. Carlos having an affair. The whole stoopid Applewhite plot. To be fair, though, there were things I liked about the finale (seeing all previous characters, and learning more about their pasts).

5. House. OMG a guy's nuts exploded!!! Or, rather, one nut. My husband described this as an episode of The Prisoner set in a hospital, and yeah--that's what it was like. Didn't really work for me, but it was funny to see House eating tacos in his robe.

6. Supernatural. Good cliffhanger!

Let's count the number of major-character shootings I've seen in finales this season:
Veronica Mars--Harry Hamlin
Without a Trace--Jack
Grey's Anatomy--Burke
(Who am I forgetting?)

No wonder other countries think America is gun happy!


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