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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

TV Review: Sea of Souls, or Watching the BBC Makes You Smarter

Sea of Souls is like a British X-Files, though it also reminds me a bit of House: A professor and his two assistants research the paranormal at the fictional Clyde University in Scotland. The assistants are Justine, who's beginning to develop her own psychic powers, and Craig, a weasely, scruffy guy. (Hee.) The plots are usually complex and sometimes scary. They usually are open to interpretation, too--were the events really supernatural? What exactly happened?

We're on season 3 now, though the show's not overly reliant on past episodes, so you could start watching at any time. I'm not sure why the show's been cut down from 2 hours to 1 this season--does anyone know? I kind of miss the old 2-hour, movie-like format. Regardless, though, this is a great drama that should be watched by anyone interested in the supernatural--or gripping suspense shows.


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