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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Four Comments About Hex

I really liked the first episode--but keep in mind, I adore gothic novels. The kind with the woman on the cover in her nightgown running from a dark and brooding house? Yeah, those. The creaky doors, the candelabras--I'm so there. I adore the cheese, even. My four comments:

1. That is the craziest school ever. It looks formal and gorgeous, but the students have no supervision and are totally sassy. (I always imagined British public school students as wearing uniforms and standing when their teachers entered the room.)

2. OMG, the CGI! It's awful! And funny!

3. Azazeal? Totally hot.

4. Did anyone else want to grab Roxanne's bangs and pull them out of her face? Lose the '80s fringe, darling.


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