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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Summer TV Show Reviews

Hullo, loyal viewers! I hope you're having a nice summer. Thought I'd prepare for the upcoming TV season by posting some reviews from my summer viewing. Let me know your thoughts.

Psych: I've only seen the pilot, but I have the other episodes DVR'd. I enjoyed it--it was funny and a great companion to Monk. The two main characters were engaging, and the dialogue was fast paced. Can't wait to see more.

The 4400: I'm a bit muddled this season. Frankly, I think the show is a bit mired down in its complex conspiracy plots. I miss the "freak of the week" episodes from the first two seasons. The acting of some of the characters still bothers me, too. (And isn't Jordan Collier alive? Thanks for leaving that plot dangling, writers!)

The Janet Dickinson Modeling Agency: Janet is brash, irrational, and grating. But I still watch, so...yeah.

Caught in the Moment: This is a nature show on Animal Planet, made by two gen-x hippies. It's great, and very self-consciously politically correct.

Monk: The episode where he calls Alice Cooper "a hippie, and not the good kind"? I was howling with laughter. That episode was on some serious drugs. Very enjoyable season so far. (And major props to Alice for being such a good sport.)

Eureka: Anyone seen this show on the SciFi Channel? It's DVR'd, but we haven't watched it yet. Is it any good? (Will review later.)

I'm also almost done with season 5 of Gilmore Girls (Sebastian Bach is another rocker who's a good sport). I don't like Logan yet, but will admit that the actor's range is much greater than Dean's (sigh) or Jess's (shudder). I'm pleased with the season so far--as usual, great acting and hysterical dialogue. Emily is actually becoming one of my favorite characters.

My cats are buying me season 2 of Veronica Mars on DVD for my birthday. Awww. Aren't they good kitties?


Blogger munn75 said...

If only my cats would buy me Veronica Mars Season 2.

I see lots of USA Network shows. No Deadzone though?

8/04/2006 7:52 AM  
Blogger Sheila said...

I've never watched Deadzone. It's on my "eventually" list, though. I'll have to start with season one. :-)

8/04/2006 9:14 AM  
Anonymous Dennis said...

Hey ! I'm from Belgium so I have to download the series I watch... Veronica Mars is my favorite :d
Season 1 has just begun here in Belgium on tv, but I've seen 2 also..
I also watch Eureka, I like the series, it's not so good als VM or Gimore girls, but it's fun during these times where there are less series on tv :)
And yeah!! Emily is also one of my favo's on GG haha she rocks !!
Greetz and keep up the nice blog !!

8/06/2006 5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hy, I offen watch Monk when I get home early, but I couldn't watch all the series,
could you help me out. I really enjoy watching, it's so exciting and funny too, as a heared
it had a big hit since the first episode. Where can I get all the series, I searched in our stores
but I couldn't find. Regards Jenny.

Ps: Nice blog, Greate Work

9/21/2006 7:38 AM  

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