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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Veronica Mars Season 3 Premier!

Well, what did you think? I liked it. I see what Rob meant about slowing down the pacing--it was like watching a normal show rather than VM (which always moves so fast I have to rewind often and rewatch the next day). It was definitely a good introduction to the show and characters for newcomers. A few more detailed comments (keep in mind that I've only watched it once--though it's saved on my DVR for future viewings) are below.
  • Nice to see VM in high def
  • MAC! VINNIE! Love the series returnees
  • Also, love the girl interactions with Mac and Veronica. So good to see her with a female friend.
  • Wow, who knew Ryan Hansen can do tortured as well as glib? Poor Dick. I wonder what "bad thing" he did? (Bet it was awful.) Huh--can't believe I just said "poor Dick" either! I loved to hate him last season.
  • The new credits are very nice--sophisticated and dark. (Though I do miss the more manic credits, which usually caused me to sing along and dance around...)
  • Piz seems cute. And of course he'd be major crushing on Veronica--who wouldn't? (Loved the scenes with him and Wallace "being gross," as Veronica put it. Sooo funny and real.)
  • I'm a bit unclear about the whole Fitzpatrick/Kendall subplot. What do you think was going on? (It'll be clearer when I rewatch, I'm sure.)
  • I can't believe Keith didn't catch Vinnie putting something in his bag. For shame, Keith. Your daughter would never have fallen for that!


Blogger Scooter said...

Well I'm under the assumption that Fiitzpatrick killed Not-Kendall for the money. But then there's also the issue of the briefcase. Not to mention we don't know exactlyt who Vinnie was working for (but I agree with Keith that it was Liam although I have an outlandish theory that Not-Kendall did and is playing them all and needed something from the eldest Fitzpatrick before heading to meet up with Big Dick, but then again I think too much).

10/04/2006 1:38 PM  

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